Film: Archery Hunting for Oregon Antelope

– GIVING BACK – Archery Antelope Hunting in Oregon from Joe Cima – Mountain Made Media on Vimeo.

Antelope in Oregon are the focus of a new film from Mountain Made Media.

From the filmmakers:

“Follow Gary and Joe Cima, as they chase pronghorn, with their bows, in Oregon.

‘I have been blessed to have the best dad, a son could ask for. From the time I was four years old, he had me following him, in the mountains. The memories we have shared, and the bond we have strengthened, is something I’ll be forever grateful for.
He has always put me first, and given me the shot opportunities…I told him from the time we drew our tags, I wouldn’t even nock an arrow, until his tag was punched.
Blessed we are, to live this life, and chase these beautiful animals, in God’s creation!'”

To check out more from Mountain Made Media, click here.

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