Video: Backcountry Oregon Elk Hunt

2015 Oregon Hells Canyon Elk Hunt from Sue Sorenson on Vimeo.

A nice montage from an impressive hunt.

From Sue Sorenson:

“Gary hunted in this area many years ago when he lived in Oregon. It is where he got introduced to elk hunting, and it has been a very special place to him. The loss of hunting this area every year was the only negative about moving to Idaho in ’97. Since that time we’ve come to love the hunting that Idaho offers… but there will always be that special place in his heart for this rugged incredible canyon country. We have enjoyed the views that the Idaho side has of this awe inspiring country and which ever side you gaze upon it is a sight that leaves you breathless in many ways! This year Gary’s brother, a cousin and his cousin’s son-in-law drew tags for this coveted area. Gary was excited to get the opportunity to be in that amazing country once again, even though it would be as a wrangler and camp chore boy!
They were very fortunate to have a young man Johnny come along with his pack string to be the “outfitter for them. Also his cousin’s two grown boys Ryan and Will generously offered their services and brought their mules and young strong backs!
They had an incredible experience along with mother nature giving them a strong dose of her changeable weather!”

To check out more from this video maker, click here.

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