Video: Big Montana Bull Elk Reflections in “Archery Recovery Emotions”

Archery Recovery Emotions from Justin Field on Vimeo.

Reflections on an impressive bull elk and all that went into the hunt from Justin and Brittany Field.

From the video makers:

“In the 2015 archery season we spent almost 5 weeks chasing bulls in Montana! Having a slower year than normal we got Lucky. Coming across a beautiful bull elk we were fortunate enough to take him home. Not having enough time to set up the camera this video just has the recovery of the animal. You can see our excitement grow as we close the distance to the final resting place of a majestic animal. I would also like to add that Brittany had an injured knee during this time but refused to not pack meat! I feel bowhunting elk in the mountains is in it’s own class! Hope you all enjoy and please SHARE if you liked this short film capturing the emotions of a hunter.
Sincerely Justin and Brittany”

To check out more from Justin Field, click here.

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