Video: Surfer Shane Dorian on Bowhunting

Shane Dorian Bowhunting Venison | Traeger Grills Pro Member from Traeger Grills on Vimeo.

Traeger Grills has created a great video of pro surfer Shane Dorian discussing his love of bowhunting.

From Traeger:

“Professional Surfer, Shane Dorian is an avid bow hunter and loyal Traeger enthusiast who he surfs, hunts, and cooks outdoors with his family in Kona, Hawaii daily. From the ocean to the mountains, he says that knowing where your food comes from and preparing it to fit your lifestyle is a delicious way of life.

Shane Dorian has lived by the ocean his whole life and when surfing became his career, he took to the mountains to live on the land that he loves. Shane learned to bow hunt from a neighbor and took up pig hunting in Hawaii. He’s taught his son how to bow hunt and both his young children love to eat venison hot of the Traeger grill. Grilled deer meat is their favorite food cooked on the Traeger, the wood-fired convection heat holds onto the moisture and the wood pellet flavor and wood-fired smoke makes meat taste delicious while keeping it’s primal, natural flavor. Dorian says that grilling venison on a non-wood-fired grill takes away from the moist and juiciness of the meat.

Check out the Traeger Outdoors site to enhance your meals, it’s packed with Tips from the Pros on cooking big game, videos of the Traeger Pro Team’s outdoor lifestyle, Traeger gear for cooking outdoors, and wild game recipes:

Click here to check out more from Traeger.

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