Video: Mule Deer Bow Kill at 95 Yards

A distance kill shot with a bow on a mule deer in Nebraska!

From Bowmar Bowhunting:

“This Mule Deer Bow hunt took place in Sept. Of 2015 at Hidden Hills Outfitters in Nebraska. We had lost this footage for 2 years and found it last week. This was an unbelievable hunt That we’re excited to share with you guys. Not many things can beat spot and stalk bowhunting for mule deer! This mule deer grossed 186 Non Typical, making him top 15 bow kills of all time in the state of Nebraska. ”

To check out more from Bowmar Bowhunting, click here.

One thought

  1. Bowhunting was my passion for over 50 years. To me it’s about getting close. I can’t believe there’s guys out there calling themselves bowhunters and shooting that distance. Not my thing and in the long run its stuff like this that will ruin bowhunting.


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