Video: Archery Bull Elk at 20 Yards

Bull elk at close range!

From Newberg:

“In episode 4 of 2019 Wyoming Archery elk, Michael Parente heads to a new area that they haven’t hunted yet. The winds are strong, but they try calling as they start hiking and exploring new country.

Early they are able to locate a herd of elk. They stalk in closer, but the wind continues to swirl. Michael slowly and patiently makes his way toward the herd. He is able to get within a good distance as the elk continue to bugle.

Marcus cow calls hoping to bring one of the bulls their way. Eventually a few cows along with a bull make their way towards Michael’s position. A calf comes well within 20 yards and a bull follows suit. The bull is within 20 yards and and presents Michael with a clear shooting lane to hopefully fill his 2019 Wyoming elk tag.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, click here.

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