Show: Hunting the Yukon in Jim Shockey’s Uncharted: Yukon

Hunting (and guiding) the Yukon with Jim Shockey and crew in an episode of Uncharted: Yukon.

From Danger TV:

Uncharted: Yukon hosted by Jim Shockey follows those brave enough to be guide’s in the vast Alaskan Wilderness known as the Yukon! Watch as Jim Shockey and his team of hunting guides take clients from around the globe on the adventure of a lifetime.

Season 1 – Episode 6: In this episode we follow the infamous Yukon tracker and hunter Jim Shockey and his team as they work with there families and enjoy some amazing Yukon territory! Watch and find out if they catch their prey!

To see more from Jim Shockey’s Uncharted Yukon, please click here.

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