Video: Grizzly Bears Fight Over Elk Carcass

Incredible footage of two grizzly bears fighting over an elk carcass in Yellowstone National Park. Worth a watch!

From Dave Angelescu Photography:

“On the weekend of Sept. 19th – 20th, a large Grizzly Bear took down a Bull Elk in Yellowstone River just South of Canyon Village (Otter Creek area) and dragged it back to shore (…). The large Grizzly nicknamed “Hercules” guarded and fed on his prized Elk up until later that week. Sometime around Thursday Sept. 24th or Friday Sept. 25th a new Grizzly Bear showed up on the scene and dug up the carcass from the shoreline and dragged it to the spot we see on my video. There, the new Grizzly Bear guarded and fed on what remained of the leftovers. On Saturday Sept. 26th, I arrived to the location early in the morning with my camera at the ready. While clicking off pictures and filming the new Grizzly protecting the carcass I noticed a another Grizzly Bear coming out of the woods from behind. Working it’s way around to the river, then stealthily stalking in the river, the new Grizzly began to slowly test the other Grizzly’s determination up until the confrontation in the river. A truly amazing experience to see this. I hope you enjoy watching it.”

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