Video: Bowhunting and Surfing in The Last Punk Rock Thing Left | Part 1

Mark Healey is well known in the surf community as one of the best big wave surfers out there. And for many in the hunting community, Healey is known not just for sending it on the waves, but also with a bow. He is now profiled in a series from Sitka.

From Sitka:

“Mark Healey experiences as much or more adrenaline when he’s bow hunting than when he’s riding some of the world’s largest waves. A professional big wave surfer, Mark regularly makes the trek to Maui to hunt axis deer, a non-native species that has no natural predators and can be environmentally destructive. Mark hunts to be self-sufficient, but also to share his harvest with family and friends, and to Mark, that’s ‘the last punk rock thing left.'”

We’ll have more about Mark Healey and have the second part soon. Until then, to read and see more about Mark Healey, please click here.

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