Video: Late Season Elk Hunting in Nevada

Throwback to a great video from SOLO HNTR highlighting the pursuit of a late-season elk in Nevada.


“Remi draws a late season depredation bull elk tag in a very difficult area to hunt in north central Nevada.
This is the VLOG Series of SOLO HNTR TV and the OFF GRID HUNTER project. It also includes behind the scenes, product reviews and how to videos. Also the many random things that go on with SOLO HNTR Production House. These Videos are the Hunting, Shooting and Wilderness Adventures of Tim Burnett and Remi Warren on SOLO HNTR as well as the many other hunters we meet along the way. ”

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Video: Hunting Trophy Colorado Elk

Big bill elk in Colorado are in the sights of Mike Eastman in a video from Eastmans’.

From Eastmans’:

“Mike Eastman hunts bull elk in southern Colorado and reflects on his legacy of elk hunting. From building his own bugles to guiding hunters in northwest Wyoming, Eastman shares his elk hunting history.”

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Film: Backcountry Family Mule Deer Hunt in “The Webleys” from YETI

YETI has a new hunting story! In a new film short, YETI follows a family as they take on a rare backcountry mule deer hunt together.

From YETI:

“The Webley family was brought up on hard work. It’s kept the family farm running for decades and it’s given all six of the Webley boys the conviction to go on and make something of themselves. And it was their father, who insisted on teaching them how to hunt, appreciate the outdoors, and put family first, that instilled the admirable ambition to do better. Join the Webleys as they take on the first full-family hunt in the backcountry.”

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Film: Hunting Elk and Antelope in New Mexico in #HUSHLIFE The Movie

A dream multi-species hunt in New Mexico is the focus of a new film from Hushin.

From Hushin:

“A 90 minute film showcasing the #HUSHLIFE and our journey to New Mexico in search of antelope and elk!”

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Video: Hunting and Hauling Backcountry Elk

Sometimes the backcountry has the best rewards … but you have to work for it.

From Newberg:

“Randy Newberg, Hunter gives you a feel for what public land elk hunting can be, especially when excitement takes over and you shoot a bull elk in some God-forsaken place that requires two extra days to pack it out.

This Colorado elk hunt might get you laughing, but I wasn’t laughing at the time. “Don’t shoot an elk here!”

This is a behind-the-scene clip of what we go through in many of our self-guided public land elk hunts. The old axiom is true, ‘When the shooting stops, the work begins.’”

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Birchwood Casey Offers New Waxed Canvas Cleaning Mats

Long Gun Waxed Canvas Mat Birchwood Casey

The new Waxed Canvas Firearm Cleaning Mats from Birchwood Casey® help keep spent fouling, chemical spills and dirty patches from making a mess of your gun cleaning area, whether at home or at the range.

The Waxed Canvas Cleaning Mats are constructed with a durable waxed cotton interior with internal padding for protection and a tough abrasion resistant backer. The mats roll up with heavy duty snap closures for easy transport and storage. Both handgun and long gun versions are available. The handgun model measures 16” x 24” and sells for a retail price of $29.99. The long gun version measures 16” x 53” and sells for $34.99.

Visit the Birchwood Casey website at, write to 7887 Fuller Road, Ste. 100, Eden Prairie, MN 55344 or call 800-746-6862 for more information.

Video: Rifle Hunting Bull Elk

Take down of a nice bull elk!

From Stuck N The Rut:

“Casie Schneider, married to owner of Stuck N The Rut, is in pursuit of her first elk. She learns a lesson the first day about hunting thick timber when she has an opportunity on a quick shot. Casie doesn’t give up easy. She kept on elk hunting until the right opportunity presented itself. Enjoy this video and make sure to subscribe to us. She was shooting a 338 ultra mag”

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