Video: Hunting Bighorn Sheep in Arizona

No doubt a dream hunt for most big game hunters!

From the filmmakers:

“Tara invites all of us along on her once in a lifetime Desert Bighorn sheep hunt. And it’s one that’s well worth waiting 20 years for.”

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Video: Hunting Moose in Eastern Canada

The anglers from Hooké have now turned the camera on hunting adventures.

From Hooké:

“As the fly-fishing season is coming to an end, it is the beginning of the hunting season. This year we have a new addition in our Hooké tv series: we are embarking on sharing our vision and passion for Hunitng. The combination of these two disciplines came instinctively for us since we have been fly fishing and hunting since day 1. Throughout our travels across the globe we have come to realize that many people practice hunting and fly fishing in the same way as we do. This is why we decided to bring to life hunting, we share the same passion and values for both sports. Hunting and fishing have been part of our history for thousands of years and we strongly believe the importance of sharing our vision to our growing audience and how we bring a new approach to age-old techniques and traditions.

Thanks to Unis TV for believing in us since the beginning and helping us share our passions, and Sépaq – Chasse et Pêche for making this clip possible.”

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Video: Hunting Giant Bull Elk in Colorado

Giant bull elk in Colorado!

From Eastmans’:

“Hunt southern Colorado elk with Karen Seaman of Sportsman’s Warehouse. With Ike Eastman’s help, Seaman patiently hunts for just the right 6-point bull.”

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Video: Giant Nevada Muzzleloader Mule Deer

A big Nevada mule deer!

From Epic Outdoors:

“Deer Hunting, Nevada Muzzleloader Hunt, Jason Carter along with hunter Adam Kearney set up on a great buck with a muzzleloader. After hunting hard and putting in the time they finally get into 187 yards and wait. Adam is able to connect with the beautiful velvet buck.”

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Video: Hunting Mule Deer in Wyoming

Mule deer pursuits in Wyoming with Eastmans’.

From Eastmans’:

“Comb the sagebrush of western Wyoming with Mike Eastman on his annual mule deer hunt. Mike has learned that hunting for a mature buck takes patience and persistence. Locating the needle in the haystack pays off for Eastman on this deer hunt.”

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Video: Barbary Sheep Hunting in New Mexico in “Full Circle”

Barbary sheep hunting in New Mexico in another new video from BeAlive.

From BeAlive:

“From the filmmaker: ‘There is a perceived idea in both the hunting and non-hunting mainstream communities of what hunting is, and it’s this: hunting is about killing. To me, hunting is a journey. That’s what the art should represent. It’s not all about the kill, but rather all of the intangibles that surround that one moment in time. The unpredictability of the unknown, the journey of emotions that come with it. To me this hunt represented that. A chase for Barbary Sheep, in New Mexico, on public land. A Blood Origins Journey'”

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Video: Global Hunting Adventures with the Keefer Bros

Hunting in Alaska, the Yukon, and New Zealand in a new video from BeAlive!

From BeAlive:

“Watch the journey of Chris and Casey Keefer and BeAlive co-founders as they give you a taste of their adventures in Alaska, Yukon and New Zealand and what makes them feel alive.”

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Video: High Country Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Sheep Hunt Promo from PKD OUT on Vimeo.

A dream tag!

From the video maker:

“My little brother draws a once in a lifetime Big Horn Sheep tag at 13 years old! The hunt was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. So many highs and lows! Heres a promo the guys over at Paper Street threw together for us! Check it out and let us know what you think! We will be releasing the full film soon so stay tuned!”

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Video: Hunting Mule Deer in Mexico

Trophy mule deer in New Mexico!

From Epic Outdoors:

“Deer Hunting, Mexico Mule Deer. This week we head down to Sonora Mexico to chase giant mule deer. Mexico is a unique opportunity for deer hunters to hunt during the rut typically in late December or January when there aren’t many hunts going on in the states. On this trip Jason and Adam K. find a big typical mule deer.”

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Video: Hunting Coues Deer in Arizona

Coues deer in Arizona!

From The Mountain Project:

“At last, it’s Brittany’s turn to hunt the one tag she drew in 2017: a muzzleloader Coues deer tag in a southern Arizona unit. It’s public land, and the unit is popular. But despite Sam’s offer to come help glass after filling his tags on Sandhill Cranes, she makes the most of opening day on her best buck ever. Season 4 is back in Arizona, hunting one of our favorite species, the Coues Whitetail.”

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