Video: Archery Whitetail in Kansas

Hoyt’s Kill Shot series continues with Nick Mundt as he takes down a nice Kansas whitetail deer.

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Film: Hunting Mule Deer on Public Land in THE CRAGS

After much anticipation, Montana Wild has released THE CRAGS — a new film that highlights mule deer hunting on public land in Montana.

From the filmmakers:

“As hunters we always have an attraction to adventure, and not just the kill. Travis found his adventure in 2014 chasing mule deer in the rolling sage covered hills. With only a handful of days, Travis searches the barren landscape with hopes of arrowing his first archery buck. This public land, DIY hunt shows the opportunity and importance of our public lands. As seen in the 2015 Hunting Film Tour.”

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Video: Nice Archery Whitetail

A video short from Hoyt shows what happens when it all comes together for a nice whitetail deer!

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Video: Bowhunting Rocky Mountain Elk

Born and Raised Outdoors keeps rolling ’em out! In a new video, the crew heads to the Rockies for bull elk in Colorado.

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Video: Bowhunting Buffalo in “TATANKA”

Buffalo hunting in Southern California!

From The Experience:

“We travel west to the rolling hills of Southern California to chase Buffalo with Lorenzo Sartini of GoHunt. Its been a lifelong dream of his to chase these ancient animals with stick & string . . .”

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Video: Exploring Elk Calling in “The Linguists”

Many skills go into elk hunting, and elk calling is one of such skills. In a new video from Sitka, modern elk calling is explored.

From Sitka:

“Few sounds in nature rival the bugle of a bull elk. Join nine-time World Elk Calling Champion Corey Jacobsen as he explores a hunting legacy with elk calling pioneers Larry D. Jones, Wayne Carlton, Rockie Jacobsen, and Will Primos.”

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Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in “Arctic Red” from YETI

YETI hunting stories are reliably good, and their new video “Arctic Red” is no exception. In this video, a guide details his ethic of hunting Dall sheep.

From YETI:

“Before the kill, there is the hunt. Through fair chase hunts, Tavis Molnar protects the opportunity for his hunters to test their own capabilities and create an experience in those chapters that precede the kill.”

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