Video: Bowhunting Kansas Whitetail Deer

The Bowmar teams heads to Kansas, and a unique whitetail is tagged in the end.

From Bowmar Bowhunting:

“I was hunting this buck in southern Ohio. a 100% free ranging whitetail 🙂 my biggest buck of my life to date it had 15 pts and scored around 183 inches I was using DEEP SIX injections 10.1 GPI and tipped with a RAGE HYPODERMIC 100g broad head. sry for some it not being in HD my main camera was at the shop.”

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Video: Bowhunting Backcounty Mule Deer in Idaho

The backcountry of Idaho os home to some of the best big game hunting in the world. In a video from Eastmans’, a hunter goes deep for a trophy muley.

From Eastmans’:

“Archer Dan Pickar takes to Idaho’s desert high-country in search of a trophy mule deer. Pickar pulls out all the stops to get it done on a wide buck with his stick and string.”

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Video: Impressive Archery Elk Kill

An impressive kill!

From Montana Wild:

“After waiting for four days, this bull finally showed up to wallow. After being at full draw for over a minute, Travis makes a great shot only to watch the bull fall only 30yds away. The efficiency of a fixed blade broahead and 65lb bow is apparent here. Broadhead was a Rocket Ultimate Steel 100gr.”

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Video: Bowhunting for Elk in Montana

Monster Montana elk are hunted in a video from Raised Hunting.

From the filmmakers:

“Episode 12: Join the entire Above the Rest Outdoor (ARO) family as they take on the challenge of hunting the elusive Rocky Mountain elk of Montana. They are traveling to different parts of Montana across all sorts of terrain. Warren and David will be biking into the back country while Karin elects the scenic landscape of the breaks, no matter where the hunts takes them its sure to be some exciting bow hunting action.”

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Video: On Hunting and Meat Eating with Sarah Bowmar

A video from Hoyt features Sarah Bowmar as she talks about going from being a vegetarian to a bowhunter.

From Hoyt:

“Sarah Bowmar ditched a vegetarian lifestyle 3 years ago, picking up a bow and fueling with meat instead. In spite of the threats and negativity that followed the change, she has never looked back. Check out Bowmar Bowhunting on Instagram:”

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Video: Bowhunting Monster Bull Elk in Arizona

This is why Arizona is a go-to for big game hunters!

From High Point Outfitters:

“Come along with first time archery hunter Ben Nielsen and HPO on an Arizona elk hunt. Watch over the shoulder video of bull after bull getting called into archery range. Feel the relief of a first time archery elk hunter finally putting his tag on a well-deserved archery bull elk. Give us a call to enjoy a hunt just like Ben’s!”

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Video: Bowhunting in Africa in “A Hunter’s Way”

A Hunter’s Way – 1080 Public from Drift Media Productions on Vimeo.

A video from Drift Media Productions features footage from a true African adventure.

From the filmmakers:

“In light of all the bad press trophy hunting has received we jumped at the opportunity to take an inside look at Africa, our way. We partnered with our friends at Vantage Point to tell the story of the people, and the animals, the way we experienced it on those days.”

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