Video: Bowhunting Caribou in Quebec

A dream caribou hunt in Quebec with Eastmans’.

From Eastmans’:

“Guy Eastman heads north to the arctic to bowhunt Labrador caribou in Quebec. Bowhunting the tundra with little cover is challenging enough, but the unusually warm weather makes this hunt even more difficult. With a stroke of luck Eastman beats the odds and arrows a respectable velvet caribou bull on this web edition of Eastmans’ Hunting TV. ”

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Video: Bowhunting Big Kansas Whitetail Deer

Big bucks in Kansas!

From The Element:

“Tyler takes it back a couple years to his beginnings as he pursues higher video production while also pursuing old Kansas bucks. His buddy and familiar face to The Element, Justin Wright, has what we would call the perfect morning. Its hard to beat the quiet sounds of yellow Cottonwood leaves falling as the morning sun warms the landscape, but throw a super old, square bodied buck chasing does on a permission property into the mix and I think we might have hit the pinnacle of deer hunting.”

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Video: Cameron Hanes Tags the Bull Elk of a Lifetime

Cameron Hanes has hunted all over the world and taken some pretty remarkable elk. For an elk to be the bull of a lifetime says a lot. Check out Cameron’s pursuit in a new video.

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Video: Global Hunting Adventures with the Keefer Bros

Hunting in Alaska, the Yukon, and New Zealand in a new video from BeAlive!

From BeAlive:

“Watch the journey of Chris and Casey Keefer and BeAlive co-founders as they give you a taste of their adventures in Alaska, Yukon and New Zealand and what makes them feel alive.”

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Video: DIY Archery Elk Hunting in Wyoming

Do-it-yourself bowhunting on public land in Wyoming in a new video from Eastmans’.

From Eastmans’:

“Bowhunter Dan Pickar heads to the timber of central Wyoming for a DIY elk hunt. This public land hunt is packed with elk encounters.”

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Video: Bowhunting Giant Public Land Whitetail Deer

Bowhunting public land whitetail deer in Kansas!

From The Element:

“Our much anticipated film showing a stud whitetail that we were able to harvest with a bow last season in Kansas while hunting public land.”

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Video: Bowhunting Bull Elk in Idaho with Bear Archery

2018 Bear Archery Promo from Montana Wild on Vimeo.

A great video short to highlight the Bear Archery lineup with elk hunting action in Idaho.

From the filmmakers:

“This was a 1 minute promo video we created for Bear Archery during Fall of 2017 to promote their 2018 lineup of bows. This hunt featured the Bear Approach. See the full lineup at >

Video: Bowhunting Bighorn Sheep in the Missouri Breaks

Bowhunting bighorn sheep in the Montana high country!

From Eastmans’:

“Bowhunter Jake Popp heads to the Missouri Breaks with bow in hand for a once-in-a-lifetime bighorn sheep hunt. Eastmans’ bowhunter Dan Pickar is behind the camera to capture the action when Popp arrows a Montana trophy ram.”

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Video: Hunting Bighorn Sheep in Hungry Life: Big Sky Country from YETI

Bighorn sheep in Montana are the target in a new video from YETI.

From YETI:

“In this episode, Eduardo Garcia joins Ben Masters on a bighorn sheep hunt in Big Sky Country – recognized as the hardest hunt in the lower 48 states. The vast, treacherous terrain offers the ideal setting for a meal rich with the joy of working for it – an ingredient in no shortage at 9,700 feet.”

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Video: Hunting Axis Deer in Hawaii in the Hungry Life: Lanai from YETI

YETI has launched a new video series that focuses on the hunting, fishing, and eating. In one of their first videos, renowned hunters (and two pro surfers) take on Axis deer in Hawaii.

From YETI:

“In Hawaii, Eduardo Garcia is joined by his landscape “interpreters” and pros each in their own right, Shane Dorian and Mark Healey. Here they show Eduardo Garcia how to traverse the terrain in pursuit of Axis deer, then head to the water to override the body’s over-protective instinct to breathe while spear fishing. What results is one very hard-earned meal.”

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