Video: Hunting Bighorn Sheep in Arizona

No doubt a dream hunt for most big game hunters!

From the filmmakers:

“Tara invites all of us along on her once in a lifetime Desert Bighorn sheep hunt. And it’s one that’s well worth waiting 20 years for.”

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Video: Barbary Sheep Hunting in New Mexico in “Full Circle”

Barbary sheep hunting in New Mexico in another new video from BeAlive.

From BeAlive:

“From the filmmaker: ‘There is a perceived idea in both the hunting and non-hunting mainstream communities of what hunting is, and it’s this: hunting is about killing. To me, hunting is a journey. That’s what the art should represent. It’s not all about the kill, but rather all of the intangibles that surround that one moment in time. The unpredictability of the unknown, the journey of emotions that come with it. To me this hunt represented that. A chase for Barbary Sheep, in New Mexico, on public land. A Blood Origins Journey'”

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Video: High Country Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Sheep Hunt Promo from PKD OUT on Vimeo.

A dream tag!

From the video maker:

“My little brother draws a once in a lifetime Big Horn Sheep tag at 13 years old! The hunt was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. So many highs and lows! Heres a promo the guys over at Paper Street threw together for us! Check it out and let us know what you think! We will be releasing the full film soon so stay tuned!”

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Video: Bowhunting Bighorn Sheep in the Missouri Breaks

Bowhunting bighorn sheep in the Montana high country!

From Eastmans’:

“Bowhunter Jake Popp heads to the Missouri Breaks with bow in hand for a once-in-a-lifetime bighorn sheep hunt. Eastmans’ bowhunter Dan Pickar is behind the camera to capture the action when Popp arrows a Montana trophy ram.”

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Video: Hunting Bighorn Sheep in Hungry Life: Big Sky Country from YETI

Bighorn sheep in Montana are the target in a new video from YETI.

From YETI:

“In this episode, Eduardo Garcia joins Ben Masters on a bighorn sheep hunt in Big Sky Country – recognized as the hardest hunt in the lower 48 states. The vast, treacherous terrain offers the ideal setting for a meal rich with the joy of working for it – an ingredient in no shortage at 9,700 feet.”

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Video: Bowhunting Bighorn Sheep in Arizona

Bowhunting bighorn sheep in Arizona!

From John Stallone:

“My once in a lifetime Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt. Its hard to describe the feeling of having a once in a lifetime sheep tag but its not like I expected it to be…. Filmed By Jake Domres & Levi Paul. Edited By Trevon Stolzfus Narrated and Produced By John Stallone Special Thanks to Chad and Buddy Roberts for helping me glass for sheep”

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Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in the High Country

Hitting the high country for Dall sheep!

From The Experience:

“Still one of my greatest adventures; the start of a sheep hunting journey that I could have never imagined. – Dan Catlin”

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Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in the Northwest Territories

Monster ram in the Northwest!

From The Mountain Project:

“As Chase and Jay are leaving Alaska in the middle of August, our friend Cody Voerman’s is headed to the Arctic Red River on a last minute Dall sheep cancellation hunt. Despite the short notice, Cody makes the most of his time, with a huge Dall sheep.

Season 4 moves on with our good friend Cody Voermans headed to the NWT to hunt Dall Sheep.”

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Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in the Alaska Range

You know you’re off the grid when your pack out is this tough!

From The Mountain Project:

“After killing two Dall rams on opening day, Chase and Jay are stuck on the mountain until the weather clears in Anchorage and Jeremy and Doug are able to fly the cubs to get them. Luckily Chase has a caribou tag.

Season 4 kicks off with Jan and Chase chasing Dall Sheep in Alaska with Rogue Expeditions.”

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Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in Alaska

Dall sheep are hard work, and sometimes it’s best to expect the unexpected.

From The Mountain Project:

“After spending two days drooling over the heavy broomed Dall sheep ram, Chase and Jay make their way up the mountain to get in range. But two unexpected hunters also make a push on the sheep, and things don’t go as planned.”

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