Custom Rattling Horns from South Texas Bangers

South Texas Bangers

Every so often, we come across something that stands out as an especially appealing piece of hunting gear. We recently came across the custom rattling horns made by South Texas Bangers, and we couldn’t be more impressed with and attracted to these antlers turned rattling horns.

Based in San Antonio, South Texas Bangers takes deer antlers and customizes them into rattling horns that fit the taste of hunters. Antlers can be ordered in different sizes and with different colors and materials on the customizations. Braids can be leather or nylon and in a variety of colors, and the grips and stitching can also be different colors. You can also add custom engraving.

South Texas Bangers Rattling Horn

The rattling horns from South Texas Bangers are so attractive that some folks don’t even use them in the field, as they look great as home decor. The rattling horns made by South Texas Bangers are the work of John Saunders III. Beautiful work, great idea. Bravo, John!

To check out more from South Texas Bangers, please click here.

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