Film: Benelli Presents: Donnie Vincent’s Winds of Adak

Donnie Vincent has a way of capturing the spirit of hunting and why hunting is meaningful. We always look forward to Donnie Vincent films, and the newest — Winds of Adak — is now available online. In this film, Vincent heads to Adak Island in Alaska to take on caribou and more.

From Benelli:

In November of 2019, explorer and hunter Donnie Vincent traveled to Adak Island, Alaska. Located at the westernmost end in the Aleutian chain, Adak is wilderness with the exception of a now-abandoned naval base that once housed more than 6,000 people. Winds of Adak chronicles Donnie’s exploration of the island, a hauntingly desolate abandoned military outpost and three unique hunts—caribou, ptarmigan and sea ducks—as the unforgiving elements, the terrain and the Bering Sea test both man and equipment.

Visit for more information.

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