Hunting Gear Review: The YETI 110 Hard Cooler for Elk and More

When your hunts are rarely close to home, meat care needs are a critical concern. Generally, when deer hunting, it’s five hours from the field to the freezer, and when I’m elk hunting out of state, I generally have a 15-plus hour drive back home. This means I need the perfect cooler, and in my book, that is the YETI 110 Cooler.

The YETI 110 Cooler is big. Large enough to carry a processed elk (at least the ones I’m hunting), I know I have enough cooler space to get home, and YETI has a proven record of keeping contents ice cold long enough to get me home. Famously indestructible (to some extent), this tough-as-nails (not literally) cooler will possibly last a lifetime while likely being able to fit any elk I ever harvest. (And of course, it’s not to small for any deer, pig, and other big game animal smaller than an elk.)

Aside from needing to be able to keep the meat cold, an elk cooler needs to be able to fit an elk. However, the cooler can’t be so big that it becomes a burden. For perspective, I am able to fit this cooler in a Toyota FJ Cruiser while also fitting all of my other hunting gear. It’s a bit crowded in there, but it works.

In my book, the YETI 110 Cooler is ideal for elk and deer and is great for hunters who travel long distances for their hunts.

To learn more about the YETI 110 Cooler, please click here.

Disclosure: YETI is in a professional relationship with Rack Camp. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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