Gear Review: The Pelican Vault Double Rifle Case

Pelican Rifle Case

It has become increasingly rare that hunters have access to a backyard farm or ranch and have no need to get in the truck or on a plane to hunt. Most hunters now travel (to some degree) to hunt, and this always puts the most critical tool for a hunter — the firearm — in jeopardy. Not saying modern firearms aren’t tough enough for a road trip, but for many, a favorite rifle or shotgun is a lifelong companion in the field and is worthy of being taken care of. And between potholes and bad luggage handlers, you want to know that your firearm isn’t getting banged around and your scope is about where you left it!

Hunters now are more than ever concerned about their gun and rifle cases and will go to great lengths that this purchase is the right one. And with that said, in nearly 30 years of owning gun cases, we have not seen one that we like as much as the Pelican V800 Vault Double Rifle Case.

The Pelican V800 Vault Double Rifle Case is what you’d expect from Pelican. It’s tough, intelligently-designed, and demonstrates what is often rare in a manufacturer nowadays — an ethic of cutting no corners to make a superior product that gives you long-term peace of mind. Pelican describes their Vault line of cases as “crushproof, dustproof, and weather resistant,” and so far, we’ve found this certainly to be the case in the field.

Beyond the pure toughness of this case (which is the most important aspect, no doubt), the Pelican V800 Vault Double Rifle Case has design features that greatly enhance convenience. Unfortunately, the norm for rifle cases is that they are tough to close, can be unnecessarily challenging to latch and unlatch, and they are awkward and clumsy to carry. This case has several features that eliminate these annoyances.

The Pelican V800 Vault Double Rifle Case has six latches that add additional security and eliminate weak spots throughout the case. But these latches easily close and secure then have a push-button to make it easy to open. Love it.

This case also features three handles that actually feel good in hand over long periods of time. The fit the human hand properly (imagine that), and are well-placed so that the case is balanced and easy to carry without it swinging around like some cases. One of the handles supports the roller aspect of the case — great for airports. Finally, the Pelican V800 has several places to secure locks, even further adding security and peace of mind to the best case we’ve ever used.

The Pelican V800 Vault Double Rifle Case is available in black and tan and costs $199.95.

To learn more about the entire line of Vault cases from Pelican, click here.


Disclosure: Pelican is in a professional relationship with Rack Camp. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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