Hunting Photo: Moose from the South Slope of the Brooks Range

Bob Newland moose

What a bull! Bob Newland killed this moose in Alaska while on a hunt on the South Slope of the Brooks Range.

Hunting Photo: Montana Pronghorn

Bob Newland antelope

Bob Newland was able to take down a handsome-looking pronghorn on a hunt in Montana. Well done!

Hunting Photo: Montana Bull Elk

Bob Newland elk

From Bob Newland, a great bull elk killed in Montana. Nice rack!

Hunting Photo: Alaska Caribou from the Brooks Range

Robert Newland Caribou 3

A trip to the North Slope of the Brooks Range is a dream trip for many hunters. For Bob Newland, it was an opportunity to hunt some nice bull caribou. Well done.

Hunting Photo: Caribou from the North Slope of the Brooks Range in Alaska

Robert Newland Caribou 4

A nice caribou from Bob Newland, taken on a recent trip in Alaska on the North Slope of the Brooks Range with Alaska Gold Rush Adventures. Great trip!

Hunting Photo: Bob Newland with a Bull Caribou

Robert Newland Caribou 2

Bob Newland had some great success on a recent trip with Alaska Gold Rush Adventures on the Brooks Range. Nice caribou.

Hunting Photo: Brooks Range Caribou

Bob Newland Caribou 5

On a recent trip to North Slope of the Brooks Range in Alaska with guide Randy Quincy from Alaska Gold Rush Adventures, Bob Newland took down some great caribou. Dream trip!