Film: The Tim Gillingham Project from Bowtech

Bowtech has release a film short that takes a look at Tim Gillingham.

From Bowtech:

“Bowtech presents a short film created around Tim Gillingham as told by himself and his closest friends and competitors.”

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Video: Public Land Bowhunting for Elk

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has rolled out another episode of their new series which highlights the importance of access to public lands. In this video, hunters take on elk in Oregon.

From The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation:

“Lewis and Kristy Titus hunt DIY style on public land in Oregon.”

To check out more from The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, click here.

Video: Bowhunting Moose in Canada

Bowhunting for moose in Canada in a very nice film short.

From the filmmakers:

“The previous year we had went on this same Moose Hunting trip and came up short handed the last day as Danny Bowar missed a big Ontario Moose. This year we went back for redemption and the rest is history.”

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Video: Bowhunting Whitetail Deer in “Bucktober”

Monster archery whitetail!

From Drury Outdoors:

“Mark Drury gives us the exclusive lowdown on the story behind “Bucktober”. The largest 100% Wild 100% Fair Chase whitetail ever taken by bow and arrow in Drury Outdoors history!”

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Video: Bowhunting High Country Mule Deer in Utah

Hitting the high country for mule deer in Utah.

From Hushin:

“Every year we kick of our big game season with a Utah high country mule deer hunt and this year was pretty special……”

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Video: Bowhunting Monster Bull Elk in Colorado

Bowhunting monster bull elk in Colorado in a new video from Born and Raised Outdoors. Insane! This is everything you can hope for in a Colorado hunt.

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Video: Spot and Stalk Hunting Antelope

One of the toughest challenges in hunting — spot and stalking antelope with a bow! A great video from Bowtech.

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