Can-Am Announces the Defender XMR

Defender Xmr Can Am

Can-Am has announced the new Defender XMR.

From Can-Am:

The aggressive Defender X mr HD10 side-by-side vehicle is factory built to tackle the nastiest of mud, where traction and torque are in high demand. An authentic mud monster, the muscular Defender not only reinforces the Can-Am brand’s leadership in the mud-riding spectrum, but it does so with unmatched styling and engineering ingenuity. The specialized Defender X mr HD10 vehicle — available in either a Carbon Black & Sunburst Yellow finish or premium Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo — includes all the Defender XT HD10 package features, but expands upon those conveniences with its own advancements for greater success in the mud.

The state-of-the-art Smart-Lok lockable front differential and large 30-in. (76.2 cm) ITP Cryptid mud tires, when mated to the existing 72hp Rotax V-twin HD10 engine, durable PRO-TORQ Transmission supply unprecedented levels of grip and sure-footed control in the mud. The Smart-Lok differential includes dual modes (Trail and Mud) for added convenience and ingenious terrain adaptation. The factory-installed snorkeled CVT and engine intakes ensure flawless execution when tackling wet and muddy conditions.


  • Smart-Lok™ front differential
  • 72hp Rotax V-twin HD10 engine
  • Snorkeled CVT and engine intakes
  • Double arched A-arm Front Suspension
  • X-Package Front bumper
  • Aluminum Rock SLiders
  • 30-in ITP Cryptid mud tires
  • 13.5-in ground clearance

Can-Am Redesigns Defender XT Cab for 2018

2018 Defender XT CAB HD10

From Can-Am:

Can-Am redesigns the Defender XT Cab Package for 2018.

The redesigned XT Cab package, available with either the Rotax HD10 or HD8 engines, was optimized for enhanced quality and to create a true, fully enclosed Cab system. Along with full-seal cab, the onboard, factory-installed XT Cab kit includes an integrated heat management system was improved to better separate hot air and cool air. The kit also includes new front arched A-arms and sway bar to enhance handling. Along with a true 11-in. (28 cm) ground clearance, the new A-arms also add more overall width.

– NEW Full glass tilt up windshield with wiper and washer kit

The full, high-grade glass windshield is durable and highly scratch resistant. It also includes a wiper and washer kit with a 0.4-Gal. (1.9 L) reservoir for improved visibility in wet weather or muddy conditions. The windshield can also be tilted up (three positions) and outward to increase airflow to the occupants during mild conditions. The switch allowing for opening and tilting the front window was enhanced for increased reliability.

– NEW Full doors with electric opening windows

The Can-am Defender XT Cab features full doors to enclose the occupants within the cab. The comfortable and spacious cabin also offers the occupants protection from the elements an, with an integrated heater, warmth in cool regions. The durable doors have electronic opening windows, much like a pick-up truck. For 2018, Can-Am engineers have added new steel wire door limiter strap for improved function and durability. They also updated the door seals to create a more perfected seal, which also enhanced the opening and closing of the cab doors in the process.

– NEW Rear glass with sliding opening

A new rear glass window uses new stiffer rear panel mounting points for easier operation when opening it. The sliding opening on the rear window allows for airflow through the cab on warm days and provides quick access to items in the cargo bed.

– NEW Integrated heater kit

The factory-installed, integrated heater system has been optimized for better performance in the cold and for use during other seasons as well. New isolating foam ensures a true 100 percent seal. When the heater is set to “cool,” new, one-way valves on the heater prevent coolant from circulating. Additionally, the cooling routing was reconfigured and larger routing components were used to expand the kit’s overall heating capacity.

– NEW Full hard roof with liner and dome light

A durable, heavy-duty plastic roof with an integrated liner protects the occupants from elements while giving the Defender XT Cab units a custom appearance and unbeatable fit-and-finish. A new standard dome light helps illuminate the cab during low-light situations.

2018 CAN-AM OFF-ROAD LINEUP Adds Power And Diversity

Can Am_18

From Can-Am:

Valcourt, Quebec, June 1, 2017 – BRP (TSX:DOO) continues to optimize its Can-Am off-road lineup with multiple changes for 2018. The brand is again setting the bar with the most powerful factory-built side-by-side vehicle on the market, the new 172hp 2018 Maverick X3 Turbo R model. The thrilling Rotax ACE engine was reconfigured to deliver a potent 172hp straight from the factory. Additional lineup changes include more options for utility and recreational use, with the introduction of additional specialty packages.


“The 2018 Can-Am lineup reflects the passion and exhilaration we bring to people,” said Anne-Marie LaBerge, BRP’s senior VP, Global Brands & Communications. “Along with expanding our Maverick X3 and Defender family of off-road vehicles, we have enriched our recreational-utility category Can-Am Commander and Outlander ATV segments with added performance, improved value and more specialty packages.”



The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side vehicle family continues to make industry-altering headlines with the arrival of the new 172hp 2018 Maverick X3 Turbo R model, the most powerful factory-built side-by-side vehicle on the market. The turbocharged 172hp 2018 Maverick X3 Turbo R model delivers 12 percent more horsepower and 10 percent added torque. The new flagship super-sport side-by-side vehicle can go from 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds.


The Can-Am Maverick X3 side-by-side family also now includes a 120hp Maverick X3 Turbo side-by-side. The new vehicles, offered in two- and four-seat packages, start at less than $20,000 USD* and come standard with many of the performance features for which the Maverick X3 is known.


To reinforce its influence in the utility-recreation category, the Can-Am Defender vehicle family   now includes a market point-of-entry in the crew category with the Defender MAX HD8 package ($12,399 USD*). The new 2018 Defender MAX XT CAB HD10 super model features enhanced ground clearance, arched A-arms, with a greater footprint and an integrated heater system.


The Commander 1000R side-by-side vehicle also received a significant update for 2018, with a performance bump to 92hp, a wider stance and larger brakes for enhanced appeal in the recreational-utility category. The Can-Am Commander 800 side-by-side vehicle has a $1,000* price drop (US) for the new model year.



Can-Am ATVs have long been recognized for their performance, precision-engineered handling and consumer-focused design, and those key pillars have been reinforced for 2018. Inspired by a Can-Am heritage model, the Outlander X xc 1000R ATV makes a triumphant return delivering the true crossover-type Sport-Rec performance.


Powered by either a Rotax V-Twin 650 or Rotax V-Twin 850 engine, the all-new Outlander North Edition ATVs, available in one-up and MAX platforms, also includes an exclusive equipment package for cold weather and a super low L gear for hard work. The Can-Am Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition ATVs now includes three available engine packages, as a new Outlander 450 package (starting at just $8,999 USD*) joins the existing 570 and 1000R Rotax V-Twin-powered offerings.


*Based on Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. Dealers may sell for less.


About BRP

BRP (TSX:DOO) is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of powersports vehicles and propulsion systems. Its portfolio includes Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am off-road and Spyder vehicles, Evinrude and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts, motorcycles and recreational aircraft. BRP supports its line of products with a dedicated parts, accessories and clothing business. With annual sales of CA$4.2 billion from over 100 countries, the Company employs approximately 8,700 people worldwide.

Can-Am Introduces the 2017 Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition

Can-Am Defender

From Can-Am:


The all-new Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition side-by-side vehicle has been purpose built with factory-installed extras to appease the needs of modern hunters and outdoorsmen. Dressed with its exclusive water-dipped Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo finish, the Mossy Oak Hunting Edition HD10 package is the direct result of joint effort from Can-Am and Mossy Oak Pro Staff. It starts with the regular Defender XT package items, yet receives its own unique functional, protective and rider-focused amenities to appeal to hunters. Essentials include Double Kolpin Stronghold gun boots, tool holders, Headache Rack with LinQ quick-attach system, half windshield, full hard roof, left-side mirror, unique wheels and more.


Double Kolpin Stronghold gun boots
The Double Kolpin Stronghold Gun Boots features the largest holding capacity of all Kolpin Gun Boot cases while the removable foam and nylon Impact liner ensure a superior interior protection. Easily fits firearms up to 52” in total length with room for optics and bipods. Secures to mount in seconds with auto-latch feature. The holders are durable, flexible grips and cushion padded to protect while providing a custom fit for a variety of items 1″ to 4″ (2.5 cm to 10 cm).

Headache rack

The durable heavy-gauge steel Can-Am Headache Rack protects cab components from the cargo load and also serves as a mounting location for the gun boots (using a Gear Rail and LinQ Tool Holders). The Headache Rack has a dual protective anti-corrosion coating to resist scratching and prevent rust.

LinQ tool holders

Two ultra-versatile LinQ-compatible tool holders offer a convenient swivel-latch that allows tools to be secured in a variety of positions.

LED RAM spotlight

A LED high-intensity, heavy-duty RAM spotlight includes a 1-inch (2.5 cm) diameter rubber-coated double ball and socket system. It’s LinQ compatible and plugs into a new 12V lighter-type DC outlet located behind the driver seat‘s pannel.

Rotax V-Twin Engine

The Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition comes with the Rotax V-Twin HD10 engine. The 72-hp Rotax HD10 V-Twin is specifically tuned for serious work but also offers 61 lb-ft torque and peak torque at lower RPM for optimal delivery for recreational use. The V-Twin engine is located in the rear of the Defender chassis to reduce noise, vibration, cockpit heat and improve access.


Half windshield

A high-impact-resistant durable polycarbonate half-windshield protects the driver and passenger from the elements. The windshield won’t yellow, craze or crack and is designed for optical clarity. A reverse angle lip deflects airflow from reaching the cab. It features a quick, easy, no-tools install / removal.

Heavy-Duty front bumper

Featuring a heavy-duty steel-tube construction, the unique H-D front bumper adds protection to the front of the vehicle and is light-kit compatible. The bumper uses a dual protective anti-corrosion coating for added durability.

Full hard roof

A durable, heavy-duty plastic roof protects the occupants from elements while giving the Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition a custom appearance.

Full under body skid plate with front aluminum pre-runner skid plate

The high-strength full skid plate is made from proven materials and ensures the underside of Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition side-by-side vehicle is protected from hidden obstacles while out in the field. The stylish front aluminum pre-runner skid plate adds more functional protection.


Left-side mirror

A mirror on left side of the Defender vehicle aids the driver in maneuvering the side-by-side.

14-inch black wheels

Vehicle-specific black, 14-inch (35.6 cm) cast aluminum wheels complement the camo concealment finish.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo

Mossy Oak is an industry leader in camouflage concealment, so it’s no wonder the premium Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition HD10 wears its innovative Break-Up Country camo. The highly durable water-dipped camo finish, exclusive to Can-Am, is more resistant to scratching, mineral deposits and sun fading. More importantly, it lets hunters match their favorite camo manufacturer with their favorite side-by-side vehicle brand.


About BRP

BRP (TSX:DOO) is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of powersports vehicles and propulsion systems. Its portfolio includes Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles, Can-Am Spyder roadsters, Evinrude and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts, motorcycles and recreational aircraft. BRP supports its line of products with a dedicated parts, accessories and clothing business. With annual sales of over CA$3.8 billion from over 100 countries, the Company employs approximately 7,900 people worldwide.


Ski-Doo, Lynx, Sea-Doo, Evinrude, Rotax, Can-Am, Spyder, Defender and the BRP logo are trademarks of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

2017 Can-Am Off-Road Lineup Optimized for Performance, Specialized Use and Value

Can-Am Off Road

From Can-Am:

Vacourt, Québec, June 1, 2016 – BRP (TSX:DOO) introduced today its most complete lineup of Can-Am Off-Road vehicles to date. The 2017 Can-Am ATV and side-by-side lineup features new models with more specialized packages and enhanced performance, along with multiple new entry-level options, further solidifying Can-Am leadership in the industry.

“We’ve optimized the 2017 Can-Am Off-Road lineup to benefit both our dealer network and customers,” said Anne Bélec, SVP Global Brand, Communications and PAC at BRP. “This includes introducing more specialized vehicles to the portfolio while at the same time scaling back in some areas. These changes reflect our commitment to expand the Can-Am Off-Road lineup while staying true to our brand DNA, which is grounded in performance and innovation.”

3 new side-by-side models for 2017

First, Can-Am developed in close collaboration with expert hunters, is an all-new Can-Am Defender Mossy Oak Hunting Edition that features a purpose-built, industry-exclusive, hunting-ready package with exclusive Mossy Oak Break-Up Country camo. This new package, along with the 2017 Defender MAX family unveiled in March, gives Can-Am a better footprint in the hunting segment of the industry.

Additionally, Can-Am further cements itself as an industry leader in the side-by-side mud segment with an all-new, four-person Can-Am Maverick MAX X mr 1000R side-by-side vehicle built to outperform in even the most demanding settings. Also new as a new point-of-entry into the Maverick lineup in the 60-inch family is the Maverick xc 1000R side-by-side vehicle, which is a DPS-less option offered at a lower price.

2017 Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 1000R 3-4 front

The 2017 Can-Am ATV lineup

Outlander and Outlander L side-by-side models are now unified under the Outlander name, creating one family that offers the most horsepower in the industry in every engine class. With value in mind, the 2017 Outlander 450 ATV includes many Outlander family performance features at a lower price point*. Also new are the Outlander XT 570 and Outlander MAX XT 570 models, which are the most equipped mid-size ATVs on the market for the price. Rounding out the changes is a new Outlander 6×6 DPS 650 model as the new point-of-entry price in the 6×6 ATV category.

Other notable changes in the Can-Am ATV lineup include the addition of a Can-Am Renegade X mr 570 vehicle, purpose-built for mud, and an Outlander Mossy Oak Hunting Edition 1000R ATV. The Mossy Oak Hunting Edition is the flagship Can-Am ATV for hunters with its superior performance, capability and camouflage design. The Can-Am DS 70 ATV also returns the lineup and is suitable for riders six years of age and older.

To bolster Can-Am Off-Road performance in 2017, all-new FOX Podium QS3 shocks come standard on nine Can-Am side-by-side vehicles and four Can-Am ATVs. Additionally, the Maverick Turbo vehicle now shares the successful technologies of its CVT with Quick Response System (QRS) with the new Maverick X mr and new Maverick MAX X mr side-by-side vehicles. All Can-Am Commander and Maverick side-by-side models also come with a new front sway bar for 2017.

*Models and prices may vary by region.

About BRP

BRP (TSX:DOO) is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of powersports vehicles and propulsion systems. Its portfolio includes Ski-Doo and Lynx snowmobiles, Sea-Doo watercraft, Can-Am all-terrain and side-by-side vehicles, Can-Am Spyder roadsters, Evinrude and Rotax marine propulsion systems as well as Rotax engines for karts, motorcycles and recreational aircraft. BRP supports its line of products with a dedicated parts, accessories and clothing business. With annual sales of over CA$3.8 billion from over 100 countries, the Company employs approximately 7,900 people worldwide.

Can-Am Off-Road Introduces the New Defender XT Cab

Defender XT Cab

From Can-Am:

Work and ride in total comfort with the new Can-Am Defender XT Cab. The new XT Cab package features all of the hard-working components found in the Defender XT package, but also comes with a complete hard cab, integrated heater and electric windows.

Defender XT Cab Package Details:

XT Cab Enclosure

Full hard roof with liner

A durable, heavy-duty plastic roof protects the occupants from elements while giving the Defender XT units a custom appearance. The cab liner adds to the insulation of the unit.

Glass Windshield

3-position full glass tilt-up windshield with wiper washer kit comes standard on the XT cab and fits seamlessly with the profiled cab.

Back Glass

Rear glass with sliding opening allows for access to the bed and ventilation.

Heater Kit

The integrated heater kit with 10 adjustable vents keeps riders warm on cold days of hunting or on the job.

Hard Doors

The full black doors keep the elements out when riding. The electric opening windows allow the users to better ventilate the unit.

4,500-pound (2,041 kg) Can-Am winch

The winch is designed to handle heavy-duty loads at the work site and on the trail, thanks to its 4,500-pound capacity and roller fairlead. A convenient button was also added to the console on the left side of the steering wheel for easy operation.

27-inch (68.6 cm) Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires

Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires feature a rugged six-ply radial construction, yet are lightweight to cut down on unsprung weight. The non-directional tires are very capable of climbing and clawing across tough terrain and also absorb varying surfaces for a smooth ride and provide predictable cornering.

Enclosed under seat storage

The 5.6 gal (21 L) enclosed under seat storage beneath the passenger seat offers a large waterproof space for the most precious items, and is easily removable for the user’s convenience.

Multifunction analog/ digital gauge with enclosed storage

The analog / digital gauge package includes state-of-the-art instrumentation as well as an additional enclosed and water-resistant 0.9 gal (3.4 L) storage section to protect smaller items.

Three driving modes

The driver can select between three different driving modes on the Can-Am Defender to adapt to both personal preference and the riding conditions: Eco, Normal and Work. Normal mode has no speed or torque limitations and is optimized for recreational use with no load or a light workload. Work mode is calibrated for working with high loads in a smooth manner, offering a smooth power delivery, still with full power and torque. ECO mode limits both high-range speed and torque to produce moderate driving with regulated-but-smooth acceleration.

Full skid plate

The high-strength full skid plate (center and sides on XT) is made from proven materials and is designed for supreme protection and has the ability to slide over certain obstacles.

Premium color options

The Defender XT Cab HD10 vehicles are available with premium painted plastic or an exclusive water-dipped camouflage pattern, providing a first-class appearance. An all-new painted Intense Red joins painted Pure Magnesium and dipped Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.


Rotax V-Twin Engine

The Defender XT is available with the Rotax V-Twin HD10 engine. The 72-hp Rotax HD10 V-Twin is specifically tuned for serious work but also offers 61 lb-ft torque and peak torque at lower RPM for optimal delivery for recreational use. The V-Twin engine is located in the rear of the Defender chassis to reduce noise, vibration, cockpit heat and improve access.

PRO-TORQ Transmission

The PRO-TORQ Transmission was specifically calibrated to meet the utilitarian demands of the Defender side-by-side vehicle. This new generation of transmission features a Quick Response System (QRS) that enhances low-speed riding, delivers smoother and more responsive power delivery and offer precise engagement. The Electronic Drive Belt Protection monitors the CVT belt to determine its condition and alerting the driver when necessary. This device offers belt-spotting protection for if a driver is in high gear, but should be in low gear. Integrated hill descent control supplies smooth, predictable deceleration.

Maintenance free for one year

With zero break-in maintenance required and a yearly maintenance schedule, the Defender side-by-side vehicles reduce total maintenance costs to the buyer. The yearly advised maintenance is 1,865 miles (3,000 km) or 200 hours. The engine and transmission are more do-it-yourself service friendly, offering easier access to key maintenance items.

Integrated central front steel bumper

The front bumper offers protection for the front end, yet is minimalistic in its appearance.


True 4-mode traction system with Turf Mode and front auto-locking Visco-Lok

Defender offers a new 4-mode traction system providing choices for varying terrain or tasks. Users, via a separate front-and-rear toggle switches, can select between a 2×4 open rear differential for tight turning and turf protection, a 2×4 lockable rear for improved 2WD traction, a 4×4 open rear for more maneuverability in rugged terrain and a 4×4 locked rear for maximum traction.

Tight turning radius

The Defender side-by-side vehicles have a tight 13.1 feet (399 cm) turning radius to allow for easy maneuverability in restricted work environments, hauling heavy loads and for recreational use. When turning a full circle, the vehicle has a 2-foot (60.9 cm) shorter diameter than the segment’s top-selling competitor.

Towing / Hauling / Payload

Handling serious chores is easy thanks to the Defender side-by-side vehicle’s strong Rotax V-Twin engines and exceptional towing, hauling and payload capacities. The Defender is rated to tow up to 2,000 pounds and has a 1,500-pound payload.


Versatile, integrated Cargo box with sturdy tailgate

The highly durable Cargo box has a 1,000 pounds / 454 kg (600 pounds / 272.2 kg in California model) load capacity and has dump assist levers. It also features a versatile configuration that can create a customizable dual-level setup or completely separate compartments. Strategic features include 5-gallon (18.9 L) pail recesses, integrated anchors on the sidewalls and several tie-down points for added convenience. To fully optimize the sizeable cargo box, consumers can divide up the box using the integrated recesses. The box allows for both 1×3 (inch) and plywood separators and accepts bed extenders for refining the bed’s overall dimensions. The cargo box is adaptable to accept 14 LinQ quick-attach accessories for further customization.

Complete with cable supports and metal bars, the reinforced tailgate can withstand ordinary farm use and serve as a seat during your lunch break (max weight: 250 pounds / 113.4 kg). For ease of usage, it can also be removed in seconds without tools.

Open dash with removable toolbox and under-dash storage

The open dash design features a handy water-resistant and removable 1.7 gal (6.3 L) toolbox, an industry exclusive, to allow users to carefully carry tools and supplies they need in an organized manner. The open dash configuration is designed to be more functional friendly by reducing overall hood space for increased onboard, accessible storage. Perfect for stowing small essentials, the Defender models also include convenient 6-gallon (22.8 L) under-dash storage with an enclosed pocket

VERSA-PRO Bench Seat

The VERSA-PRO Bench Seat is configured as a 40/20/40 bench seat, inspired by modern pick-up trucks. It can comfortably accommodate three adults and features “profiled” corners to improve entrance / exit of the cab as well as a sturdy vinyl cover for improved wear resistance. The passenger seats, complete with integrated hooks on their underside, also can be flipped up to improve onboard storage. Can-Am engineers also added a foldable central console with an armrest and two cup holders.

Roomy and intuitive cockpit

The Defender offers a spacious cockpit with unmatched fit-and-finish. Engineers optimized the interior ergonomics for a wide range of people. The A-pillar was moved far forward to provide almost effortless ingress-egress and to enhance visibility for all the occupants. The steering wheel was specifically designed for utility applications with a larger diameter for improved handling and control. The automotive-like tilt steering wheel lets drivers adjust (up to 25 degrees) it to their driving style and ergonomic preference. It offers also an easier maneuvering while entering/exiting the vehicle.


The Defender XT Cab can be customized to fit work or hunting needs with a wide range of accessories. Protective elements for the unit include front and rear bumpers, body side and front corner protectors and fender flares. The selectable two heights Bed Wall Extender accessory is easy to install and increases the unit’s box volume capacity. A headache rack is available to protect the cab when hauling loads and the LinQ tool holders keep shovels or other gear secured and easy to get to.

For more information, visit the Can-Am Off-Road website.

Can-Am Introduces Defender Accessories


From Can-Am:

Add even more versatility to the tough, capable and clever Can-Am Defender line of utility-recreation side-by-side vehicles by using genuine Can-Am accessories to make it your own.


The complete line of bumpers is designed to match the toughness of the Can-Am Defender side-by-side vehicle. Made from heavy-duty steel, the sturdy Front Bumper [#715002418] features a dual-protective, anti-corrosion coating offering enhanced durability and a precision fit. It can be fitted with Front Corner Protectors [#715002833] and Xtreme Front Bumper Plates [#715003005] for a beefier and sturdier, yet functional, appearance.

The Rear Bumper [#715002419], with its HSLA grade steel construction, adds protection for the rear cargo box and lower box corners, while allowing the tailgate to function normally. Integrated steps mean easy access to the cargo box contents. The Body Side Protectors [#715003055] keep brush and low-lying branches away from the vehicle.

MSRP: $229.99 (Front Bumper), $159.99 (Front Corner Protectors), $189.99 (Xtreme Front Bumper Plates), $249.99 (Rear Bumper), $169.99 (Body Side Protectors).


Can-Am Bumper



The Defender Skid Plate system is comprised of four separate kits made of 3/16-inch (4.5 mm) High Strength 5052 H32 Aluminum for ultimate durability and strength. Sold in pairs, the Front A-arm Protectors [#715002444] offer underside protection for the A-arms and steering mechanism, while Rear A-arm Protectors [#715002445], protect the suspension components and are also Can-Am branded. The Front Skid Plate [#715002447] adds style to the front of the vehicle and also protects against hard hits to the front. The Underbelly Skid Plate Kit [#715002446] includes a central, lateral and rear skid plates, making easy work of more demanding terrain.

MSRP: $144.99 (Front A-arm), $149.99 (Rear A-arm), $184.99 (Front) and $749.99 (Underbelly).


Three different winches are available and adapted for use on the Defender side-by-side vehicle. All three winches have a 4,500-pound (2,041 kg) pulling strength capability. Choose between two different WARN Provantage winches [#715002941/#715002425] or a Can-Am Terra 45 by Superwinch [#715002838]. The WARN winches come with either a wire cable or a synthetic rope cable. An Electrical Harness [#715003093] is required for units without an XT package.

MSRP: $819.99 (WARN Provantage 4500-S Winch), $719.99 (WARN Provantage 4500 Winch), $369.99 (Can-Am Terra 450 by Superwinch)


The Apache 360 LT Track system [#715003064], which features a specific Defender mounting kit, is the best year-round kit on the market, offering the biggest contact patch, highest ground clearance and lowest steering effort. Easily converts from tires to tracks in minutes. The heavy-duty kit also supplies reduced friction and vibration while at the same time offering excellent acceleration, turning, braking and side-hilling performance. The angled front lugs enhance steering from the front tracks. Requires an Apache 360LT Mounting Kit [#715002427; $549.99].

MSRP: $4,699.99


Either the existing Alpine Flex Plow Kit or the Super Duty Plow Kit can be used with the Defender side-by-side vehicle. Defender-specific mounting kits and push frames are required for proper fitment and are sold separately.

The 72-inch Alpine Flex Plow Kit [#715003108] is made of high-impact-resistant UHMW thermoplastic and is lightweight, durable and flexible. Its rearward release action means less hard impacts to both the driver and vehicle. Features a high-pivot design and easy blade-turning mechanism.

The Super Duty Plow Kit [#715003416] also includes a 72-inch blade, this one made of 12-gauge heavy-duty steel. A winch is used for raising and lowering the blade, which can be lifted to 11 inches.

MSRP: $1,404.99 (Alpine Flex Plow Kit), $1,299.97 (Super-Duty Plow Kit)


The Power Tilt Bed [#715000829] system uses an integrated dash switch located to the left of the Defender steering wheel. The Power Tilt Bed system can lift up to 1,000 pounds and has a maximum lift speed of 15 seconds, making unloading the cargo box contents almost effortless.

MSRP: $599.99 


Like those made popular in the pick-up market, the Can-Am Headache Rack [#715002423] is designed to protect passengers and cab components from the load in the cargo bed. Cargo. Mounted to the cargo box, the Headache Rack is compatible with multiple Can-Am accessories (Gear Rail, LinQ, Gun Boot, Gear Grips, Saw Press and more) for added versatility.

MSRP: $349.99


Designed to offer quick-and-easy tool-less modularity and to increase the volume capacity of the cargo bed, the Bed Wall Extender [#715002421] has twin rear doors that can be closed, latched open or removed entirely. The system’s overall height, with its foldable / removable panels, lets owners create custom fit and look for certain tasks. The LinQ Tool Holder [#715003059] mounted with a LinQ Adaptor [715003058], both sold separately, can be attached to the walls. The Headache Rack is required for proper installation.

MSRP: $699.99


The lightweight, durable Gear Rail serves as a stationary mount for a wide range of BRP accessories, including the Gun Boot 6.0 Impact and Mount by Kolpin. Made from heavy-duty 7-gauge anodized black aluminum, the Gear Rail attaches to the Headache Rack (sole separately). The Gun Boot fits firearms up to 51 inches (130 cm) in length and provides ample room for 2 ⅜-inch (60 mm) scopes. Other perks includes a snap-close cover, hatchback setup, a removable shock-absorbing foam insert and nylon impact liner. The Mount is designed for specific use with the 6.0 Gun Boot and offers tool-less adjustments and offers the proper angle for the boot.

MSRP: $249.99 (Gear Rail), $79.99 (Gun Boot), $79.99 (Mount)

Can Am Gun Mount


The Complete Soft Cab Enclosure [#715002917] comes in black or in Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo and includes several individual accessories as part of package, allowing the owner to create a versatile full cab enclosure. It includes a Bimini Roof, Full Windshield (hardcoated), Soft Doors and Soft Rear Panel. Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo is also available. The UV-resistant roof has a hard visor and soft water-repellent 600-denier-coated fabric top. The high-impact-resistant windshield won’t yellow, resists UV rays and offers tool-less install/removal. The clear, vinyl Soft Rear Window resists cold cracking, prevents backdraft and easily attaches to the cab with simple hook-and-loop straps. The doors feature a steel reinforced steel frame, water-repellant fabric, rear hinge opening, zippered windows and more. The Defender line of accessories offers various roof, windshield and window options to all for personalization beyond the soft cab kit.

MSRP: $1,849.99 ($2,199.99 for Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo finish)


The Defender can utilize almost every light in the current line of Can-Am lighting options with the use of the correct wiring cables and mounts. The Defender Light Rack [#715002456] is housed in a mount / rack for added protection and improved lighting. A Roof Power Cable [#715003094] is required. The Rear Cargo Light [#715002422] allows a clear vision of the cargo box contents, offers 55W H3 illumination and includes an in-dash switch and wiring. The Dome Light Kit [715002455] can work with the XT-Cab model or the available soft cabin and is designed to lighten the cabin in low-light situations.

MSRP: $149.99 (Defender Light Rack), $129.99 (Rear Cargo Light), $69.99 (Dome Light)


The Digitally Encoded Security System keys [#715002458] offer the industry’s top security anti-theft protection. Encrypted chip technology restricts access to vehicles ignition. The system includes three programmable keys (Work, restricted to 25 mph/40 kph but torque; Standard, 44 mph/70 kph with 10% less torque; Performance offers full power / torque). D.E.S.S. is mounted under the hood of the Defender. 


The Ranch Heavy Duty Jacket [#286551] is made from stain and water-repellent cotton canvas, lightly insulated and shaped to fit for work and trail riding. It features multiple pockets for storing small essentials. The Ranch Heavy Duty Pants [#286556], also made from stain and water-resistant cotton canvas, have belt loops, preshaped legs and convenient twin side cargo pockets. The Ranch Heavy Duty Gloves [#286563] are made from 100% full cow leather, have a durable double layer sueded palm elastic wrist for easy slip-on/slip-off. To complete the Ranch look, the Ranch Cap [#286564] is constructed from water-resistant waxed cotton. The one-size-fits-all cap has a BRP-branded metal adjuster, a leather Can-Am front logo and comes in two color choices.

MSRP: $19.99 (gloves, cap), $79.99 (pants), $129.99 (jacket)

For more information, visit the Can-Am Off-Road website.