Trailer: Hunting Moose in the Yukon in “Beyond the Roar”

It’s rare that hunting films come along that are so well done and frankly … thrilling. In “Beyond the Roar,” hunters take on moose in the Yukon.

From Leopold:

“Inspired by the memory of good friend Andrew Brose, Aaron Hitchins and Will O’Brien take to the Yukon wilderness in pursuit of moose, Arctic Grayling, and adventure.

Flying into the area upstream of dangerous whitewater, and without a guide, they find themselves up against harsh elements and unknown circumstances. Lacking the capabilities to do it on their own, they must rely on each other to succeed… and survive.

A film by – Rockhouse Motion and Outdoor Life.”

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Video: Hunting Stone’s Sheep in British Columbia

The mountains of British Columbia are explored for Stone’s sheep in a video from Eastmans’.

From Eastmans’:

“Hunter Brian Stephens is after his first Stone’s sheep in the rugged backcountry of British Columbia. These mountains aren’t for the faint of heart, but hunter Brian Stephens isn’t deterred. Watch him harvest an ancient thirteen year-old ram. Read his full story in the December/January 2017 issue of Eastmans’ Hunting Journal.”

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Hunting Photo: Early Season Moose in Canada


A very nice early season moose in British Columbia. The hunts at Cassiar Stone Outfitters are pretty extraordinary.

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Video: Backcountry Hunting Yukon Dall Sheep

A video from Brad Fry follows hunters as they explore the backcountry for Dall sheep in the Yukon. Effort and persistence pay off!

From Fry:

“Armed with a couple of camera’s and a backpack, Brad Fry guide’s good friend and client to an excellent Dall Sheep in the wild’s of the Yukon Territory.”

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Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in the Mackenzie Mountains in “Eminence” from YETI

YETI Stories have been bringing a whole new caliber of hunting films to the table, and “Eminence” is yet another film to be excited about.

From YETI:

“Deep in Canada’s Northwest territories and just outside the Arctic Circle, Matt Elder is on the hunting trip of a lifetime, battling snow, rain, and terrifying terrain to track down Dall sheep in the Mackenzie Mountains.”

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Video: Stalking a Woodland Caribou with Donnie Vincent

A video short from Sicmanta and Donnie Vincent features Vincent as he crawls up to a woodland caribou in Nova Scotia to get a shot with a bow. As he puts it, “it’s a game of inches.”

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Hunting Photo: British Columbia Ram


A nice bighorn sheep in British Columbia on a hunt with Cassiar Stone Outfitters. Great ram!

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