Video: Stalking a Woodland Caribou with Donnie Vincent

A video short from Sicmanta and Donnie Vincent features Vincent as he crawls up to a woodland caribou in Nova Scotia to get a shot with a bow. As he puts it, “it’s a game of inches.”

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Video: Hunting Elk, Deer, Caribou and More in “Drift Media Sizzle 2016”

Drift Media Sizzle 2016 from Drift Media Productions on Vimeo.

Some impressive footage from Drift Media Productions. Highlighting outdoors pursuits in 2016, this crew takes on deer, elk, caribou and more. Very well done!

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Video: Hunting Caribou and Moose in the Northwest Territories in “Canadian Double”

Canadian Double – Hunting Moose and Caribou – Teaser from Hunting Film Creatives on Vimeo.

A teaser “Canadian Double” from Hunting Film Creatives features rifle hunting for moose and caribou.

Hunting Film Creatives:


The harsh country and rough terrain of the Canadian North West Territories is the perfect scenery for Henrik Lotts moose and caribou hunt. He hunts open sight, using a Krieghoff Double Rifle in .375 H.&H.
Follow him on this pure wilderness adventure and experience one of the most remote and beautiful places on earth.”

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Video: Bowhunting for Mountain Caribou

Mountain bowhunting for caribou is a dream hunt for many of us. In a video from Easton, Fred Eichler scores. Nice work!

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Video: Muzzleloader Hunting for Caribou

Caribou Hunting with the CVA Accura MR Nitride – Steves Outdoor Adventures from on Vimeo.

Muzzleloader caribou hunting in a video from Steve’s Outdoor Adventures and

From the video makers:

“See the new CVA Accura MR Nitride in action! Steve West of Steve’s Outdoor Adventures uses it to take a huge caribou in North America.”

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Video: Archery Hunting for Caribou in Alaska


A dream hunt – caribou by bow in Alaska in the presence of big grizzlies!

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Hunting Photo: Alaska Caribou from the Brooks Range

Robert Newland Caribou 3

A trip to the North Slope of the Brooks Range is a dream trip for many hunters. For Bob Newland, it was an opportunity to hunt some nice bull caribou. Well done.