Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in “Arctic Red” from YETI

YETI hunting stories are reliably good, and their new video “Arctic Red” is no exception. In this video, a guide details his ethic of hunting Dall sheep.

From YETI:

“Before the kill, there is the hunt. Through fair chase hunts, Tavis Molnar protects the opportunity for his hunters to test their own capabilities and create an experience in those chapters that precede the kill.”

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Video: Cameron Hanes and Roy Roth Bowhunting Dall Sheep in Alaska

Two icons of bowhunting head to Alaska for Dall sheep in a throwback video.

From Cameron Hanes:

“This was the presentation I shared at the Alaskan Bowhunter’s Banquet where I was the guest speaker. I spoke to the club mostly because it was Roy’s bowhunting group and I felt he would have wanted me to. It was a huge honor for me…the room was filled with Alaska hunting legends and Roy’s family. Candid moments of Roy, video credit: LimbSaver bear hunt, Tenzing ‘The Tribute’ moose hunt, memories of Roy, CarbonTV and lastly, ‘Roy’s Legacy’ by Roy Roth, my personal footage.”

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Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in Alaska

Alaska has what might be the best big game hunting in the United States. In a video from The Experience, hunters take on Dall sheep.

From The Experience:

“Were excited to drop our first episode of The Experience! We’ve been filming hunts around the world for the past two years and we’ve captured some amazing hunts on film. This was a very special hunt in the Brooks Range of Northern Alaska with one of my closest friends Bob Summers of Deltana Outfitters back in August of 2015.”

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Video: Backcountry Hunting Yukon Dall Sheep

A video from Brad Fry follows hunters as they explore the backcountry for Dall sheep in the Yukon. Effort and persistence pay off!

From Fry:

“Armed with a couple of camera’s and a backpack, Brad Fry guide’s good friend and client to an excellent Dall Sheep in the wild’s of the Yukon Territory.”

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Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in the Mackenzie Mountains in “Eminence” from YETI

YETI Stories have been bringing a whole new caliber of hunting films to the table, and “Eminence” is yet another film to be excited about.

From YETI:

“Deep in Canada’s Northwest territories and just outside the Arctic Circle, Matt Elder is on the hunting trip of a lifetime, battling snow, rain, and terrifying terrain to track down Dall sheep in the Mackenzie Mountains.”

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Video: Dall Sheep Hunting in Alaska

Tough hunting and big rewards hunting for dall sheep in the mountains of Alaska.

From Switchback Outdoors:

“Join Austin A Atkinson of Alaska Dall Sheep Guides for an exciting August Dall Sheep hunt in central Alaska. Watch as husband and wife harvest their first rams side by side.”

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Video: Hunting Dall Sheep in Alaska

A dream hunt indeed!

From Eastmans’:

“Justin Moore has to earn his harvest on this backcountry Alaskan adventure. Read the full story in Eastmans’ Hunting Journal issue 148.”

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