Video: Archery Whitetail in Kansas

Hoyt’s Kill Shot series continues with Nick Mundt as he takes down a nice Kansas whitetail deer.

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Film: Hunting Mule Deer on Public Land in THE CRAGS

After much anticipation, Montana Wild has released THE CRAGS — a new film that highlights mule deer hunting on public land in Montana.

From the filmmakers:

“As hunters we always have an attraction to adventure, and not just the kill. Travis found his adventure in 2014 chasing mule deer in the rolling sage covered hills. With only a handful of days, Travis searches the barren landscape with hopes of arrowing his first archery buck. This public land, DIY hunt shows the opportunity and importance of our public lands. As seen in the 2015 Hunting Film Tour.”

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Video: Nice Archery Whitetail

A video short from Hoyt shows what happens when it all comes together for a nice whitetail deer!

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Video: Mule Deer Bow Kill at 95 Yards

A distance kill shot with a bow on a mule deer in Nebraska!

From Bowmar Bowhunting:

“This Mule Deer Bow hunt took place in Sept. Of 2015 at Hidden Hills Outfitters in Nebraska. We had lost this footage for 2 years and found it last week. This was an unbelievable hunt That we’re excited to share with you guys. Not many things can beat spot and stalk bowhunting for mule deer! This mule deer grossed 186 Non Typical, making him top 15 bow kills of all time in the state of Nebraska. ”

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Video: Bowhunting Elk and Deer in “Best Laid Plans”

Great new video from Mathews with bowhunting for whitetail deer, mule deer, and elk. Very well done!

From Mathews:

“A journey following Mark Seacat, Adam Foss and Bobby Warner.

Two states. Three hunters. Four tags.”

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Video: Bowhunting Giant Whitetail Deer in Ohio

Ohio has some of the best whitetail hunting in the country, and Chad Mendes encountered that firsthand.

From Mendes:

“This week I made the trip out to visit my great friend Zach Singler in southern Ohio. My goal was to find a big mature buck and harvest him with my bow during gun season! With only 2 evenings to get it done we jammed out to some ole George straight, ate grandmas good luck cookies and headed into the field!”

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Video: Bowhunting Massive Nebraska Mule Deer

Sarah Bowmar made her way to Nebraska where she took down an exceptional mule deer.

From Bowmar Bowhunting:

“Sarah Bowmar harvests her first mule deer in Nebraska! And he’s a velvet giant!! Thank you for watching! Please like this video and subscribe to our channel!”

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