Video: Hunting Ibex in Turkey

Ibex in Turkey — a hunt that is well out of range for most hunters but is likely one that is appealing to all.

From The Experience:

“Follow along as Jason Price heads to Turkey for one of the most sought after ibex in the world. The destination, mountains & animals made this one of the most incredible adventures we’ve ever been on!”

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Teaser: Hunting New Mexico in “THE ROCK – An Ibex Adventure”

THE ROCK – An Ibex Adventure | Short Teaser from High Plains Creative on Vimeo.

A unique and exciting trailer from High Plains Creative with bowhunting for ibex in New Mexico.

From High Plains Creative:

“Some adventures call to you from far off places, but some call you back to where you started it all. Trevon Stoltzfus travels back to his roots and The Rock, or the Florida Mountains, in southern NM where the transplanted Bezoar Ibex call home and hold the title as the toughest animal in the US to bowhunt.”

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