Video: Hunting Mule Deer in Mexico

Trophy mule deer in New Mexico!

From Epic Outdoors:

“Deer Hunting, Mexico Mule Deer. This week we head down to Sonora Mexico to chase giant mule deer. Mexico is a unique opportunity for deer hunters to hunt during the rut typically in late December or January when there aren’t many hunts going on in the states. On this trip Jason and Adam K. find a big typical mule deer.”

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Video: Hunting Coues Deer in Mexico

Coues deer in Mexico are the target of a hunt in a video from The Mountain Project.

From The Mountain Project:

“Jay heads to Sonora Mexico with Borderland Adventures’ Matt and Mario to fulfill a goal of killing a 100″ Coues deer.”

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Video: Hunting Desert Sheep in Mexico

The team at The Experience are rolling out great content pretty quickly. In a new video from the KUIU Film Festival, they take on bighorn sheep in a tough hunt in Mexico. Mass on these rams!

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Video: Hunting Bighorn Sheep in Sonora Mexico

Down to Mexico for bighorn sheep in a video from The Experience.

From The Experience:

“Follow along as Dan Catlin hunts Desert Sheep in Sonora Mexico! Ever since his first sheep experience in Alaska Dan knew completing the Grand Slam of sheep was something that he was going to accomplish in this lifetime. We hope you enjoy this film as Dan attempts to knock off Ram #2 on the quest for 4!”

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