Video: The Hunt for Daggers — An Iowa Giant

The mass on those Iowa whitetails …

From Midwest Whitetail:

“On this episode I’ll take you along on the journey for a giant 5 year old buck we call Daggers. It was a roller-coaster ride that began in 2009 with the first sighting when we knew this buck had great potential and ended on October 30th when I climbed into my best stand aptly named, “Old Reliable”. This buck taught me a lot and I’ll share all of it in this episode as well as a sneak peak at the new Hoyt Carbon Matrix RKT!”

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Video: Bowhunting Massive Iowa Whitetail Deer on Public Land

What an incredible Iowa buck!

From Midwest Whitetail:

“Caleb Byers shoots the biggest buck of his life, a 215″ Iowa bruiser he calls ‘Lockdown’. Zach Ferenbaugh hunts the ‘timber nest’, the public land crew’s new hot spot.”

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Video: Thick Archery Whitetails in Iowa

That’s some mass!

From Midwest Whitetail:

“Bill Winke finally closes the chapter on a true Iowa giant (one of the largest typical framed bucks taken on camera). Follow along for the hunt and learn the strategies used to make the hunt a success.”

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Video: Bowhunting for Monster Iowa Whitetails

That’s some mass on a massive buck!

From Midwest Whitetail:

“Bill spent over three years watching “Lefty” turn into a true buck of a lifetime. After moving in a mobile Redneck Blind mounted to a trailer, his hopes were high as he overlooked a picked corn field. Watch the hunt here, as the giant buck is seen alive for the last time.”

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