Video: Bowhunting for Elk in Montana

Monster Montana elk are hunted in a video from Raised Hunting.

From the filmmakers:

“Episode 12: Join the entire Above the Rest Outdoor (ARO) family as they take on the challenge of hunting the elusive Rocky Mountain elk of Montana. They are traveling to different parts of Montana across all sorts of terrain. Warren and David will be biking into the back country while Karin elects the scenic landscape of the breaks, no matter where the hunts takes them its sure to be some exciting bow hunting action.”

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Video: Behind the Scenes of THE OUTLIER

THE OUTLIER – Behind The Scenes from Montana Wild on Vimeo.

Montana Wild has a new film in the works that takes on trophy elk in Montana. We now have some behind the scenes footage to fuel the stoke.

From Montana Wild:

“***Warning: explicit language at the end of the video***
Take a look behind the filming of our upcoming film The Outlier. See some of how we make our films and what it takes to film an archery elk hunt. Expect the full film to come out in early July!

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Video: Bowhunting for Public Land Elk in Montana

Public land, do-it-yourself bowhunting for elk in Montana!

From Montana Wild:

“Every western hunter has at one point dreamed about arrowing their first bull elk. Since being convinced to purchase my first bow, I had quickly gained the addiction of archery elk hunting. I chased my dream for four years, waiting for everything to come together. After four years of close encounters I Finally felt the weight I had dreamed about. A heavy load on my back, comprised of my very first archery bull elk. This is a public land, DIY bowhunt in Montana.

Be looking for our hour long elk film THE OUTLIER to drop July 2017.”

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Video: Bowhunting the Missouri River Breaks for Elk

Part two of a great hunt in Montana for big bull elk from Jason Matzinger.

From the filmmaker:

“Jason & his good friend Barrett Haugan hunt the famous Missouri River Breaks for bull elk with a bow. Witness as Barrett takes his best bull ever!!”

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Video: Bowhunting Montana Bull Elk

Big Montana bulls in the sights in a video from Jason Matzinger.

From the filmmaker:

“Jason bowhunts the famous Missouri Breaks for elk in his home state of Montana. Follow along as Jason takes a beautiful bull while sitting along a highly used waterhole.”

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Video: Bowhunting Massive Montana Bull Elk

Unreal elk on a do-it-yourself hunt in Montana!

From Eastmans’:

“Bowhunter Ty Martin takes to the hills of Montana to arrow a trophy bull elk in a limited-quota hunting unit. After several close encounters, Martin closes the deal on an old bull, with huge fronts measuring over 350 inches.”

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Teaser: DIY Bowhunting for Montana Elk in “The Outlier”

THE OUTLIER – Teaser #1 from Montana Wild on Vimeo.

Montana Wild is back, putting out great video shorts of hunting and fishing. In a new teaser, the crew take on Montana elk.

From Montana Wild:

“THE OUTLIER is a full length elk hunting film coming July 2017. Set in the Missouri River Breaks of Montana, four friends set out to fill all four elk tags over the course of the six week archery season. 100% public land, DIY hunting.”

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