Video: Moose Kill Each Other Fighting

It almost seems unbelievable, but two bull moose kill each other in battle.

From Buck McNeely:

“Buck McNeely encounters 2 Massive BULL MOOSE that have killed each other in combat. This battle of the “TITANS” occured in the rut and the evidence shows it may have raged for many hours. The antlers became locked in a death struggle and both Bulls wearied and drowned. From the world’s largest syndicated TV adventure series “THE OUTDOORSMAN WITH BUCK MCNEELY.” For DVD’s and FREE E Memberships visit”

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Video: Alaska Bull Moose at Close Range

And some people might miss … Great video of a take down of a big bull moose in Alaska.

From Stuck N The Rut:

“After Tom shot his moose on episode 73, the focus turns to Travis. He spend the rest of season trying to archery a moose, but no luck. The last day of season, Travis decided to pack the rifle instead and the moose came into archery range.”

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Video: DIY Float Hunt for Moose in Alaska

This is about as epic as it gets as hunters take on a do-it-yourself trip to Alaska for moose.

From Mission Alaska:

“This is a submission from Mission Alaska to the 2017 Kuiu Film Festival. Follow Austin and Kalen on a DIY float hunt for two giant Alaskan bull moose. WATCH IN HD”

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Hunting Photo: Early Season Moose in Canada


A very nice early season moose in British Columbia. The hunts at Cassiar Stone Outfitters are pretty extraordinary.

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Video: Massive Alaska Bull Moose

That’s a massive moose! A great moose hunt in Alaska has been well-documented by The Mountain Project. Well done.

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Video: Backcountry Alaska Moose Hunt

Way deep in the Alaska backcountry for a close up shot at a trophy moose!

From Eastmans’:

“Hunter and Eastmans’ member, Gary English takes to the backcountry of Alaska to hunt trophy moose. Less than an hour after setting up camp, English and his guide rattle in a monster, sixty-one inch wide bull moose.”

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Video: Hunting Moose in Alaska in “Unforgettable Alaska”

This time the crew from The Experience heads north to Alaska to trek the terrain for bull moose. Well done, guys!

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