Film: Backcountry Family Mule Deer Hunt in “The Webleys” from YETI

YETI has a new hunting story! In a new film short, YETI follows a family as they take on a rare backcountry mule deer hunt together.

From YETI:

“The Webley family was brought up on hard work. It’s kept the family farm running for decades and it’s given all six of the Webley boys the conviction to go on and make something of themselves. And it was their father, who insisted on teaching them how to hunt, appreciate the outdoors, and put family first, that instilled the admirable ambition to do better. Join the Webleys as they take on the first full-family hunt in the backcountry.”

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Video: Bowhunting Backcounty Mule Deer in Idaho

The backcountry of Idaho os home to some of the best big game hunting in the world. In a video from Eastmans’, a hunter goes deep for a trophy muley.

From Eastmans’:

“Archer Dan Pickar takes to Idaho’s desert high-country in search of a trophy mule deer. Pickar pulls out all the stops to get it done on a wide buck with his stick and string.”

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Video: Hunting Mule Deer in the Colorado Rockies

The Roaring Fork Valley is home to great fly fishing, and nearby, hunters can find bighorn sheep, elk, mule deer, and more. In a video, Randy Newberg hunts high country mule deer.

From Newberg:

“Hunting Colorado mule deer with Randy Newberg. Episode 4 from Season 1 of On Your Own Adventures is a public land mule deer hunt near Carbondale, Colorado. A ton of fun, even if the conditions were not all we had hoped for.”

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Video: Hunting Trophy Mule Deer in Wyoming

Big muleys in Wyoming!

From Eastmans’:

“Hunter Mike Eastman takes to the sagebrush hills of Wyoming on a quest for a trophy mule deer buck. Eastman is a connoisseur of all things mule deer, and he won’t squeeze the trigger until he finds just the right buck. With Guy Eastman behind the camera, Mike harvests a buck with Boone & Crockett backs.”

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Video: Late Season Bowhunting for Utah Mule Deer

Some late season bowhunting action in Utah turns fruitful.

From the video maker:

“Here’s a video highlighting Utah’s late season Extended Archery Hunt. Watch this solo hunt that’s filmed with a head cam and makes for one cool POV on this nice mule deer buck!”

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Video: Hunting Mule Deer in the Idaho High Country

The crew from Hushin head to the high country of Idaho to chase monster mule deer. Great video, great deer!

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Video: Utah Bowhunting for Mule Deer

Do-it-yourself hunting (and stalking) mule deer in Utah in a video from Justin Finch.

From Finch:

“My self filmed, 2016 Utah archery hunt. Kill shot included! After a 4 hour stalk, I find myself 42 yards of a bedded buck.. Somehow I got lucky enough to capture the entire journey on film.

This is the 1st of 3 videos in my series called, “THE TREBLE”; which shows my adventures on three deer hunts in three different states with three different weapons all from my 2016 season. Look for Part 2 “Colorado Muzzeloader Hunt” and Part 3 “Idaho Rifle Hunt” coming in the next couple weeks!

100% real, DIY, and self filmed.”

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