Video: Hunting Aoudad in Texas

Aoudad sheep in Texas are the focus of a video from The Mountain Project.

From The Mountain Project:

“While Jay and Sam are in Kodiak battling the wind, rain, and fog, Chase passes Kevin and Hunter who are looking for elk, while driving down the interstate headed to Texas. He meets up with Josh in Tucson and makes a marathon trip to southwest Texas to hunt Aoudad.

Season 4 goes south to Texas to hunt Aoudad.”

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Video: Hunting Whitetail Deer in Texas

Hangin’ out with dad on a successful whitetail deer hunt in Texas.

From Hushin:

“Its tough to sleep at night when you arrow a big buck and have to wait for morning to go look for him.”

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Video: Desert Sheep Hunting in Texas

A video from eMotion takes on big desert bighorn sheep in Texas.

From the filmmaker:

“Came along with Emotion Films and Bruce Harvey as we hunt Desert Sheep hunt on the amazing Rio Grande River. This hunt was with Jim Breck Bean of High West Outfitters. This was the most beautiful and rugged hunt that I have been on. The river as much as it was an oasis, was slowly beating us down. Finally on the 11 day of Bruce’s hunt the one ram, that he had his heart set on, showed up.

What an amazing Journey!

Book this hunt at Tell them Steve sent ya.”

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Video: Bowhunting for Texas Whitetails

Horton Storm RDX Texas Whitetail hunt from DreamPoint Productions on Vimeo.

As we all know, Texas has some of the best whitetail deer hunting in the country. In a video from DreamPoint Productions, hunters take on the Texas terrain for whitetails with the Horton Storm RDX.

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Video: Bringing Pronghorn Back to Texas in “Pronghorn Revival” from YETI

YETI has released a new video with offers jaw-dropping footage and a great story.

From YETI:

“A coalition of conservationists and ranchers are pulling together to keep the wild in West Texas and put pronghorns back on the rise.”

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Video: Archery Hunting for Massive South Texas Whitetail

That’s a big buck!

From the video maker:

“Watch this awesome video as EOTR staff member, Eric, kills his personal best buck. This South Texas Monster was only seen once before and had never been caught on trail camera. Eric is in the right place at the right time and makes a perfect shot on this buck of a lifetime!”

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Video: Hunting Hill Country Whitetail Deer

DreamPoint’s Game of Inches “Experience The Lone Star State” Episode 12 Season 2 from DreamPoint Productions on Vimeo.

Great bowhunt in the Texas Hill Country.

From DreamPoint Productions:

“Justin Olk travels to Central Texas to hunt Hill Country Whitetails for the first time with good friend Brian Stephens. The action is intense for both but Brian seems to be on a hot streak as he arrows a Hill Country giant.”

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Video: West Texas Aoudad Sheep Hunt

Free Range Aoudad Hunt Part II from Phillip Cramer on Vimeo.

A West Texas aoudad hunt has been put together nicely in a video from Phillip Cramer.

From the video maker:

“The second part of our West Texas free range aoudad hunt was both physically and mentally exhausting. From the freeway closure and freak snow storm to the crazy hikes and difficulty finding sheep, this trophy is measured by a lot more than inches, instead by the experience! I am definitely addicted to hunting these magnificent creatures and can’t wait to do it again. My “stomper” is roaming those cliffs as we speak!”

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Video: West Texas Aoudad Hunting

700 YARD AOUDAD KILL SHOT!!! from Zac Griffith on Vimeo.

Zac Griffith knows his gear! In a video from Griffith, he takes down an aoudad sheep in West Texas at 700 yards.

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