Video: Archery Whitetail in Kansas

Hoyt’s Kill Shot series continues with Nick Mundt as he takes down a nice Kansas whitetail deer.

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Video: Nice Archery Whitetail

A video short from Hoyt shows what happens when it all comes together for a nice whitetail deer!

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Video: Bowhunting Elk and Deer in “Best Laid Plans”

Great new video from Mathews with bowhunting for whitetail deer, mule deer, and elk. Very well done!

From Mathews:

“A journey following Mark Seacat, Adam Foss and Bobby Warner.

Two states. Three hunters. Four tags.”

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Video: Bowhunting Giant Whitetail Deer in Ohio

Ohio has some of the best whitetail hunting in the country, and Chad Mendes encountered that firsthand.

From Mendes:

“This week I made the trip out to visit my great friend Zach Singler in southern Ohio. My goal was to find a big mature buck and harvest him with my bow during gun season! With only 2 evenings to get it done we jammed out to some ole George straight, ate grandmas good luck cookies and headed into the field!”

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Video: Bowhunting Kansas Whitetail Deer

The Bowmar teams heads to Kansas, and a unique whitetail is tagged in the end.

From Bowmar Bowhunting:

“I was hunting this buck in southern Ohio. a 100% free ranging whitetail 🙂 my biggest buck of my life to date it had 15 pts and scored around 183 inches I was using DEEP SIX injections 10.1 GPI and tipped with a RAGE HYPODERMIC 100g broad head. sry for some it not being in HD my main camera was at the shop.”

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Video: Hunting Whitetail Deer in Texas

Hangin’ out with dad on a successful whitetail deer hunt in Texas.

From Hushin:

“Its tough to sleep at night when you arrow a big buck and have to wait for morning to go look for him.”

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Video: Bowhunting the Buck of a Lifetime

Deer like this are what we all dream about.

From Team Radical:

“Hands down, this bowhunt is one of the best whitetail hunting stories we’ve told on film to date. Persistence, dedication, and a lot of faith paid off for Evan on his biggest buck to date at 172″. It’s not very often you get a chance at a buck of this caliber, let alone on new years day. Share with your friends and we hope you enjoy the show!”

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