Video: Sarah Bowmar Hunts Ohio Whitetail

Sarah Bowmar has been having an incredible year of bowhunting. In a new video, Sarah heads to Ohio for big whitetail deer. Well done!

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Video: Bowhunting Whitetail Deer in “Bucktober”

Monster archery whitetail!

From Drury Outdoors:

“Mark Drury gives us the exclusive lowdown on the story behind “Bucktober”. The largest 100% Wild 100% Fair Chase whitetail ever taken by bow and arrow in Drury Outdoors history!”

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Video: Whitetail Deer Battle

Battle videos never get old! Some great footage of two whitetail fighting it out for dominance.

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Video: Bowhunting Whitetail Deer in Kentucky

Bowhunting nice Kentucky whitetail deer in a new video from Hushin!

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Video: Bowhunting Illinois Whitetail Deer

Big Illinois bucks in a video from Team Radical!

From Team Radical:

“A little luck and hard work are key ingredients when it comes to hunting mature whitetails. Make no mistake, Chance Karhliker of Illinois has put in countless hours after the buck he calls “Tipsy”, a big Illinois 8 point buck. After passing deer after deer finally the right deer “Tipsy” stepped out. A few grunts was all that was needed to coax this buck into bow range. Enjoy the show!”

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Video: Whitetail Deer Fighting Footage

Killer whitetail deer battle footage!

From the video maker:

“The rut is on again at the Holden Pasture Deer Lease. Watch these bucks as they show their tails and smells off for they ladies. Watch the head pounding fights at the end of the video. ”

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Video: Archery Whitetail in Kansas

Hoyt’s Kill Shot series continues with Nick Mundt as he takes down a nice Kansas whitetail deer.

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