Video: Bowhunting Kansas Whitetail Deer

The Bowmar teams heads to Kansas, and a unique whitetail is tagged in the end.

From Bowmar Bowhunting:

“I was hunting this buck in southern Ohio. a 100% free ranging whitetail 🙂 my biggest buck of my life to date it had 15 pts and scored around 183 inches I was using DEEP SIX injections 10.1 GPI and tipped with a RAGE HYPODERMIC 100g broad head. sry for some it not being in HD my main camera was at the shop.”

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Video: Hunting Whitetail Deer in Texas

Hangin’ out with dad on a successful whitetail deer hunt in Texas.

From Hushin:

“Its tough to sleep at night when you arrow a big buck and have to wait for morning to go look for him.”

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Video: Bowhunting the Buck of a Lifetime

Deer like this are what we all dream about.

From Team Radical:

“Hands down, this bowhunt is one of the best whitetail hunting stories we’ve told on film to date. Persistence, dedication, and a lot of faith paid off for Evan on his biggest buck to date at 172″. It’s not very often you get a chance at a buck of this caliber, let alone on new years day. Share with your friends and we hope you enjoy the show!”

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Video: Bowhunting Monster Whitetail Deer

What a whitetail! The crew from Team Radical certainly take down the deer of a lifetime.

From Team Radical:

“Watching this buck for several years, Justin was finally able to get the bad luck monkey off his back and seal the deal. A 10 year dry spell for Justin has finally been broke. You won’t want to miss this epic self-filmed bowhunt.”

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Video: Cameron Hanes Bowhunting Whitetail Deer for Roy Roth

Throwback to an episode of Ridge Reaper in which Cameron Hanes pursues whitetail deer and reflects on his mentor and friend, Roy Roth.

From Under Armour:

“”Everybody who hunts has somebody that introduced them to the sport. Roy Roth got me into bowhunting when we were 19 and 18 … he just said “Dude you gotta bow hunt, it’s awesome.” And that was it…the rest is history.” – Cameron Hanes”

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Video: Bowhunting Monster Illinois Whitetail Deer


Bowhunting massive whitetail deer in Illinois in a great video from Team Radical.

From Team Radical:

“When hunting mature whitetails it’s not often you get second chances. This week Jennifer Weaver closes the final chapter on Kick-It-In. This is truly one of the most incredible hunts we have on film including two mature bucks fighting to near death. We are truly blessed to be able to chase such a magnificent whitetail. Enjoy the show!”

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Video: Bowhunting Missouri Whitetails in Winchester’s Natural Born Ep. 24

Bowhunting Missouri whitetails are the focus of an episode of Winchester’s Natural Born. Great stuff.

From Drury Outdoors:

“Terry Drury begins things this week in Missouri, by going out to a well taken care of food plot to take down a great buck. Flashback to spring when Mark Drury and Steve Coon go for a daily double. Finally, Kyle Lamore and JJ Kolesar scout out a new location for a stand in the hope of a big payoff.”

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