Video: Bowhunting Giant Public Land Whitetail Deer

Bowhunting public land whitetail deer in Kansas!

From The Element:

“Our much anticipated film showing a stud whitetail that we were able to harvest with a bow last season in Kansas while hunting public land.”

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Video: Firearm Buck Hunting in Illinois

DreamPoint’s Game of Inches Episode 11 “The Long Season” Season 2 from DreamPoint Productions on Vimeo.

A productive Illinois late-season hunt gave DreamPoint two episodes!

From DreamPoint Productions:

“As Justin Olk recovers his Illinois firearm buck, he receives a text from good friend Brian Weber letting him know that he too has pulled the trigger in Illinois. Brian’s buck is one that has eluded him the entire season until now.”

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Video: Bowhunting for Whitetail Deer in Michigan in “Matter of Time”

DreamPoint’s Game of Inches Episode 7 “Matter of Time” Season 2 from DreamPoint Productions on Vimeo.

In “Matter of Time,” Michigan whitetail are the pursuit.

From DreamPoint:

“A slow start to the Whitetail season has Justin Olk rethinking his strategy in attempt to harvest a mature Illinois Whitetail. While Justin is struggling good friend Brian Weber connects on a great deer in his home state of Michigan.”

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Video: Bowhunting for Whitetail Deer in “Little Kansas”

2014.2 “Little Kansas” from Ozarks Outdoor Productions on Vimeo.

A hunter takes on pre-rut whitetail with bow in a new video.

From Ozarks Outdoor Productions:

“The pressure was great this year to film a buck for The Search and to do it before my son was born on October 29th. I had never shot a buck before the rut, but on October 12th I send my mom a happy birthday text from the stand and she replied simply by saying, “shoot a big one for me today.” This buck I named “Little Kansas” walked out 13 minutes later.

…I named my son Hunter”

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Video: Northwestern Whitetail and Elk Hunts from Heavy Hitters Outdoors

Episode 6 “2 for 2” – Season 1 – Heavy Hitters Outdoors from Heavy Hitters Outdoors on Vimeo.

Another great full-length episode of Heavy Hitters Outdoors!

From Heavy Hitters Outdoors:

“First we take off the Southeast Washington for a spot and stalk whitetail archery, DIY, Public land hunt for the coveted Whitetail with Field Staffers Sean Schulz & Brandon McCreedy, then head back to NE Oregon for Pro Staffer Jeff Coxen’s DIY Public land Bull Elk hunt that’s over before it begins!”

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Video: The Process of Bowhunting for Deer in “ASPIRE” from Mathews Archery

Great video from Mathews showing the process of preparing for then getting to a deer hunt.

From Mathews:

“Here’s to those who take pride in the process and delight in the details. Here’s to those who wake up before the rest, and push hard today so they can go further tomorrow. Here’s to those who don’t take an off season and instead work the land to cultivate opportunity.”

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