Badlands Releases New Base Layer Technology to the Hunting World

Badlands Calor

From Badlands:

West Jordan, UT – Two never-before-seen technologies are hitting shelves in the form of new base layers from hunting gear innovator Badlands. Two years of intense research and testing of the effectiveness of base layers has led to the release of the Calor (Latin for heat) and Algus (Latin for “cool to the touch”) systems.

Utilizing CoolTouch™ membrane technology, the Algus base layers will cool your skin temperature by up to 15% through a reaction with your perspiration. Developed by NASA for use in cooling space suits, Badlands is bringing this technology to the hunting world. On the flip side, the Calor base layers utilize Heatwave™ ceramic technology to reflect body heat off the garment and back towards the body for a skin temperature increase of up to 15%. The result is a thinner base layer that provides greater warmth with less bulk.

Badlands Lead Apparel Designer Chris Lambert said, “We looked long and hard at the best technologies available that simply weren’t being used in the hunting market. Our Algus and Calor systems simply do what they say they will do. Extra cooling when needed and extra warmth when you need it most. Hunters haven’t seen anything like this before and we know they are going to love it.”

The Calor and Algus systems consist of tops, bottoms, beanies and neck gaiters to make up a complete base layer system. The full systems are available now at and Badlands retailers nationwide. These pieces are available in the new Badlands Approach camouflage pattern.

Now in its 22nd year, Badlands continues to focus on exceptional quality, continuing innovation, unmatched performance and as always the only unconditional lifetime warranty in the industry.

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