Hunting Gear Review: The Ascent Glove from Sitka

Sitka Ascent Glove

A hunter’s gloves are often overlooked when considering all of one’s gear needs. Maybe only second to a hat, the gloves are the least expensive and simplest gear items out there. Despite this, gloves can be critically important.

Recognizing the specific needs hunters have when it comes to gloves, Sitka has created the Ascent Glove  — an intelligently-designed glove for the practical needs of hunters.

The Ascent Gloves have been well-received in the field and there are a few standout features that make these my new go-to gloves:


These gloves feel like you aren’t wearing much, and that’s a great feeling when you need the protection from the sun, rocks, or visibility, but want feeling, breathability, and comfort of a lightweight glove.


Let’s face it: gloves can be restrictive. The Ascent Gloves have a Printed Ax Suede™ synthetic palm that allows for grip (which is obviously critical for control of a rifle or bow), and the thumb and fingers are grippy as well, which allows for use of a phone or GPS.


The Sitka Ascent Glove is worn close to the skin. Not only does this enhance comfort, but it’s better for keeping warm (or cool when you need the material to wick).

The Sitka Ascent Glove is available now and costs $79. To check out more about the Ascent Glove from Sitka, please click here.


Disclosure: Sitka is in a professional relationship with Rack Camp. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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