Hunting Gear Review: The KUIU Divide 1500 Pack

Last summer we had the chance to review the KUIU Divide 1200 pack. A small pack ideal for workouts, scouting, and quick trips, we used this pack almost daily. The Divide 1200 is a minimalist pack, and because we were looking for a larger size of what felt like a perfect pack, we decided to give the KUIU Divide 1500 pack a try.

It would be hard to imagine that the KUIU Divide 1500 would be anything less than a slightly larger version of an already perfect pack, and our expectations were certainly met. In our review for the Divide 1200, we cautioned potential buyers to take the size under consideration. The 1200 is small and feels small. Again, perfect for scouting, hiking, and minimalist hunts. When archery mule deer season kicked in, we wanted the ability to pack a little more. For example, cold mornings and hot days brought about layering needs and the need to pack a jacket once things warmed up.

Similar to the Divide 1200, with the Divide 1500 there are two separately divided sections of this backpack. (Imagine the main body of a backpack cut in half and turned into two connected sections. In the middle, between two two separate sections is an area that can be used for a spotting scope on a tripod or other long, oversized items you might want to carry.)

Inside, a generous number of dividers makes it easy to organize and access essential gear. This is important. Digging around a backpack takes time and can make noise.

This is now a favorite backpack. It will be a go-to for antelope and mule deer hunts when I want to be quickly on the move all day and not have to worry about lugging a big pack.

The KUIU Divide 1500 pack comes in Valo, Verde, Vias, Ash, and Gunmetal and costs $179.

To learn more about the KUIU Divide 1500 pack, please click here.

Disclosure: KUIU is in a professional relationship with Rack Camp. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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