Video: Sitka Systems: Mid Season Archery

Sitka Gear is dedicated to practical apparel in the field. In a new video, they break down their big game mid-season archery line.

From Sitka Gear:

“The Mid-Season Archery System is designed to deliver comfort, performance and protection in the variable conditions experienced below tree-line during mid- to late fall while meeting the requirements of scent and sound suppression during close-quarter engagements.

This complete skin-to-shell system delivers modularity: layer up to beat the cold or shed layers during the heat of the afternoon and high-output climbs. The innovative fabrics and technologies used throughout are built to accelerate the movement of moisture away from the skin and through the system–while keeping the elements out–so you remain dry and comfortable. Reducing the chance a stalk is blown by sound or scent, outerwear layers are designed to be as quiet as possible while still providing protection from the elements; and blended synthetic and merino garments combat odor.

For optimum stealth, GORE™ OPTIFADE™ Concealment Subalpine technology is used across this entire system. Scientifically engineered to confuse the vision of antelope, elk, mule deer and other ungulates, it offers maximum concealment when stalking in vegetated terrain.”

To check out more from Sitka Gear, please click here.

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