Video: The Wildest Hunt: Take Action For The Tongass

The Tongass National Forest is a rare gem that is presently under threat of development. Backcountry Hunters & Anglers have made a new video and have ways for us to take action on this issue.

From Backcountry Hunters & Anglers:

Defend the Tongass by Taking Action Here:… The 9.3 million acres of Tongass National Forest inventoried roadless areas comprises habitat for a unique diversity of sought-after game species, including mountain goats, black-tailed deer and both brown and black bears. The Tongass also encompasses thousands of miles of salmon-rich waterways, legendary among anglers and fundamental to the state’s commercial salmon industry. These valuable resources are upheld by the Roadless Rule, a collaborative management approach that was adopted following one of the most extensive public engagement campaigns in the history of federal rulemaking.

Please join us, along with partners SalmonState and Pioneer Studios , and stand up for our wild backcountry lands, waters, and wildlife and submit a comment to the U.S. Forest Service today!

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