The Best Hunting Blogs

As hunters, we rely heavily on information that might help us get an edge in the field. We also love great stories, videos, photos, and more that get us stoked for the next hunt. There is a ton of content out there for hunters, and we’ve narrowed down what we think are the best hunting blogs for big game hunters.

Beyond the list below are some other sites that are excellent in their own right. For example, some manufacturers and shops have some outstanding blogs. However, the list below deserves its own separate recognition.


Field & Stream


Field & Stream has several hunting blogs. In addition to an outstanding deer hunting-specific blog, they also have a general big game hunting blog that has a mix of great content. From great stories to tips, this is a good one to bookmark and check daily.

q1 is a great resource for bowhunters. The site is not all big game focused, but there is so much content on this site that there is plenty for hunters of deer, elk, and more. They roll out content fast on this site. Impressive how much new original content they have.




MeatEater has is all. From great recipes to hunting tips, history, stories, and more, MeatEater also puts out a great deal of content while often appealing to mainstream audiences through their show on Netflix. Add in a great podcast, and these folks have it dialed.


Wired to Hunt


Wired to Hunt puts out great content about deer hunting. Mark Kenyon is the man behind this one, and he’s done a great job of putting out deer hunting tips, news, and stories.




goHUNT is pretty impressive. For western big game hunters, this site is an unbelievable resource. From news to tag info and more, we don’t know how these guys do it. Big tip of the hat to goHUNT.


Outdoor Life


Outdoor Life, like Field & Stream has both a deer hunting-specific and a big game blog. They put out a good bit of content and are a great resource for tips to grow as a hunter.




Eastmans’ is a go-to for new videos and information about tags and new rules and regulations. For a good dose of stoke, Eastmans’ seems to put out a new video about once a week.


Deer & Deer Hunting


Deer & Deer Hunting is a great blog for whitetail hunters. While not entirely focused on whitetails, these writers fill a good magazine and also have plenty on their website to get you ready for the fall.


The Will to Hunt


The Will to Hunt is outstanding. The content is less frequent than some, but the quality is top notch. Add in a podcast, and there’s plenty to keep you busy.




Realtree is been a major content producer for decades now. From videos to tips, Realtree is a great resource. They seem to have an article for just about every topic you can imagine, and they keep rolling it out.

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