Hunting Gear Review: The Yukon Rain Pants from KUIU

Rain gear is essential for hunters who want to be in the field and on the mountain come rain, snow, or shine. And when it comes to rain gear, there’s no room for failure. Vulnerabilities in jackets and pants can impact a hunt — especially a multi-day hunt.

We’ve been in pursuit of the best technical rain gear out there, and we couldn’t be more impressed with the KUIU Yukon Rain Pants. KUIU is known for having athlete hunters who test their gear over an extensive research and development process through tough terrain and conditions. Many regard their rain gear as the best out there, and it’s pieces like the Yukon Rain Pants that give KUIU this reputation.

Rain gear is tough to develop and build. It not only has to be able to protect against the elements without fail, but it also has to remain durable when up against the normal abuse gear takes but also while wet. The KUIU Yukon Rain Pants not only hold up against the weather, but they are truly designed for the demands of mountain hunting in these wet and tough conditions.

When it comes to keeping you dry and comfortable, the KUIU Yukon Rain Pants are waterproof, windproof, and designed for cold temperatures. Impressively, they remain breathable, which is vital so that increased moisture from sweat doesn’t lead to cold wet conditions within the pants. Zippers on the legs provide additional ventilation when needed. This can be huge on those all day high country hunts.

The build of these pants consists of a 3-layer construction that is lightweight and tough. And for those areas that need extra durability (i.e. the knees and ankles), reinforcement material is built in to help extend the lifespan of these pants.

The KUIU Yukon Rain Pants are everything you’d hope for in hunting rain gear. The stand up while supporting an athletic hunting style that requires hard hikes and climbs over the course of many hours. Worth noting: We recommend going a size larger with KUIU pants than you might normally wear. Of course, this does not apply t o everyone, but our normal medium was a large in these pants.

The Yukon Rain Pants come in sizes medium through 3XL and in Valo, Vias, Verde, Bourbon, and Loden colors.

To learn more about the KUIU Yukon Rain Pants, please click here.

Disclosure: KUIU is in a professional relationship with Rack Camp. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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