Video: Behind the Design: GORE-TEX from Sitka Gear

Trusted gear goes a long way for hunters, especially in tough environments and when you need to hike hard. A new video from Sitka Gear breaks down the value of Gore in their gear.

From Sitka Gear:

“Trust is built over time. It’s built on the trials and successes that amount to proof of doing something the right way. Their technology has helped men and women summit Everest, has been integrated into lifesaving medical devices and even spacesuits. We began our partnership with Gore in 2009 and since then it has been at the core of SITKA Gear’s unparalleled performance. After thousands of hours testing both in the lab and the field, GORE-TEX products have earned our trust so we can earn yours.”

To check out more from Sitka Gear, please click here.

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