MXXY Reimagines Hydration Packs

Hydration and nutrition are essential on multi-day hunts in the backcountry, but as we all well know, options for hydration packs that handle electrolyte and other powders are pretty limited. While some packs have good features (such a lightweight and low-profile), they seem to easily clog, get moldy quickly, and they can be hard to clean.

A new company, MXXY Outdoors (pronounced “mixy”), is stepping up with a new hydration pack system that might just be the perfect solution for mountain and backcountry hunters. The MXXY Base Pack and Reservoir System takes advantage of a Two-Reservoir system and Dilution-Dial that allow you to control the nutrition you are getting. Smart because you don’t necessarily always want a full packet or tablet.

The MXXY Base Pack and Reservoir System are also designed for easy cleaning. According the MXXY, “The bladders are reversible, dishwasher safe and 100% BPA and PVC Free. MXXY’s proprietary pinch-valve technology ensures single-rinse tubing for easy cleaning.” Well done.

To learn more about the new MXXY Hydration System, please click here.

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