Hunting Gear Review: The KUIU Talus Hybrid Pants

The pants that got the most time in the field this season were the KUIU Talus Hybrid Pants. Hunting in the Rockies, cool and wet weather is often the norm — at least in the mornings and evenings. Rain gear is rarely the go-to, especially if you need to keep quiet. The Talus Hybrid Pants were a perfect hunting pant, as they are tough, breathable, and will handle a good bit of moisture and abuse. We’ve broken down why we like these pants:

Designed for active hunting.

The KUIU Talus Hybrid Pants have a number of features that are attractive for active hunters. They are breathable, helping cut down on sweating, but they are also warm, allowing them to keep you comfortable for most or all of the season (weather permitting). They also feature a material that stretches — key for range of motion and durability — and knee pads add protection to a normally vulnerable part of the pants. Finally, zippered hip vents allow you to cool off when you need it.

Designed for weather.

These pants have waterproof paneling on the seat and lower leg where there is often more contact with the wet ground. They are otherwise water resistant, thereby giving you the best of both worlds. They are a breathable pant that allows you to be active while giving you essential protection from the wet ground. The pants are otherwise water and wind resistant.

Good for most conditions.

While KUIU states these pants are ideal for cold conditions, they are light enough to be good in the early season assuming it’s not too hot, and with layering, they might also be warm enough for active hunters until the end of the season. In hard rain and snow storms, you’d want a fully waterproof pant, but these hybrid pants are really good for many conditions.

Note: With KUIU pants, we like to go at least one size larger than normal as they tend to fit a little small in many cases.

The KUIU Talus Hybrid Pants come in Valo, Verde, and Vias and in even number sizes 30 to 42. To learn more about the KUIU Talus Hybrid Pants, please click here.

Disclosure: KUIU is in a professional relationship with Rack Camp. Though potentially benefiting from this relationship, we do not post what we do not believe to be true. To read more, click here.

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