New Wild Sheep Book Released

An impressive new book on sheep and sheep hunting has just been released, and it already seems as though this book will be on every sheep hunter’s bookshelf or coffee table. Wild Sheep is packed with gorgeous photos and contributions from some of the most devoted sheep hunters. Additionally, a limited edition run benefits the Wild Sheep Foundation.

From YETI:

“Sheep hunting is the most pinnacle big mountain hunting pursuit. It is the aspiration of any mountain hunter to get an opportunity to one day hunt wild sheep. This activity is aspirational for a few reasons. First, wild sheep are extremely rare. Many species of wild sheep were near extinction in the early 1900s. However, through the efforts of conservation and primarily hunters, wild sheep populations have dramatically rebounded. Another reason this pursuit is held in such high regard is that wild sheep live in some of the most remote and beautiful places in the world. So the experience of hunting a wild sheep is not only incredibly beautiful, but also incredibly challenging. Sheep hunters backpack hunt for 7-10 days in extreme remote wilderness with limited access to the outside world. If you go on a sheep hunt, you will be put through some of the most adventurous mountain experiences humans can be involved with. This book is meant to encompass everything sheep hunting is about – an incredible species, incredible places, and extremely unique people conserve both of those rare elements. Books are for sale on as well as an extra 250 Limited Edition books that are currently available through the Wild Sheep Foundation, with all proceeds benefitting their efforts. All purchases made at enter you for a chance to win a sheep hunt guided by Midnight Sun Outfitting and photographed by Adam Foss. The winner of the Hunt Giveaway will be announced during the virtual 2021 Sheep Show which will take place from January 11th-16th, 2021.”

To learn more about this beautiful new book, please click here.

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