Video: ProTip: Optics Selection for a Mountain Hunt

Gear matters in the field and on the mountain. In an informative video, Greg McHale breaks down his tips for optics selection.

From Greg McHale:

“For many people, getting out on a single mountain hunt could be the highlight of the year. For others, getting the shot at a Dall’s Sheep or Mountain Goat could be the hunt of a lifetime. Setting yourself up for success on this kind of hunt should be in your mind as you build out your gear. If you have any chance of chasing sheep, you won’t regret having the right gear and the experience using it before you start hiking on the first day of a memorable hunt like this. If you’ve never hunted a northern mountain species, I am going to identify the most critical aspects of optics selection. Every experienced mountain hunter knows that carrying the right optics is a key variable in hunting success. If you’re a new hunter, I hope this video has helped you avoid purchasing the wrong setup. If you’re an experienced hunter, these guidelines will help you dominate the mountains.”

To check out more from Greg McHale’s Wild Yukon, please click here.

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