Winchester® Model 70 Now Chambered in New 6.8 Western

From Winchester:

January 25, 2021 — “The Rifleman’s Rifle” adds a promising new chambering to its ranks with the new 6.8 Western from Winchester®.

The time-honored Model 70 paired with the new 6.8 Western can be anyone’s all-around rifle. Nine Model 70 models will be available in 6.8 Western, with each sporting a fast 1-in-8″ twist rate to stabilize high BC bullets. The combination of the Model 70 and 6.8 Western will be a perfect match for most big game animals and for long-distance target shooting.

With a maximum cartridge length of only 2.955″, the 6.8 Western fits into a short-action rifle, resulting in a 5% reduction in rifle weight compared to a long-action. Another advantage is the shorter, faster bolt-throw.


  • 1-in-8″ barrel rate of twist
  • 3-round magazine capacity
  • 24″ barrel length
  • Short-action length

Model 70 models offered in 6.8 Western:

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