The Best Big Game Hunting Podcasts

There’s no shortage of podcasts out there, but for big game hunters, especially in the Western U.S., some stand out more than others. We’ve made a list of what we think are the best big game hunting podcasts. Our take:

Beyond the Kill

The Beyond the Kill Podcast comes from the Journal of Mountain Hunting. From how to handle aches and pains to lessons learned in the field, this podcast is a great tool for learning and growing as a hunter and a mountain athlete. And if you’re a sheep hunter, you’ll likely love this one.

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Wired to Hunt

Mark Kenyon is about as passionate as a whitetail deer hunter as it gets. If you’re looking for great whitetail deer hunting tips, stories, and more, this is a great podcast. And as an educational resource for whitetail deer hunting strategies, Wired to Hunt is a treasure chest of audio content.

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The Hunting Collective

Hosted by Ben O’Brien, The Hunting Collective is a podcast that generally runs at least an hour per episode and takes on a variety of topics in hunting. If you want to stay up to date on issues related to hunting, this is a good podcast to subscribe to.

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Cutting the Distance

Make no mistake about it — few Western big game hunters have ever matched the experience and expertise as Remi Warren. He is just in the field all the time, and his knowledge of just about everything big game hunting, and his success on a variety of hard hunts make him an exceptional resource. If you are wanting to grow as a hunter, Cutting the Distance is maybe as good as it gets.

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The MeatEater Podcast

Steven Rinella’s curious mind has led to expertise and knowledge on a wide range of issues and aspects related to hunting. In The MeatEater Podcast, Rinella (and guests) often cover it all and usually with a good dose of humor. This is an entertaining one. A recommended episode to start with: The Meat Tree.

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Elk Talk

When it comes to elk hunting, few active hunters have expertise matched by Corey Jacobsen and Randy Newberg. Elk Talk may very well be the best podcast out there for elk hunters.

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Gritty Podcast

Brian Call is simply obsessed with big game hunting, and his passion has led to a great library of podcast and video content. Many of his podcasts are educational in nature, and many are simply great conversations with other passionate hunters — mostly in the U.S. West.

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Podcast & Blast

From Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, Podcast & Blast is hosted by Hal Herring and takes on a range of issues related to public lands, access, conservation, and the environment. It’s critical that all hunters are in it together to defend public lands and protect wild places. This podcast helps keep you in the loop.

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The Rich Outdoors

With more than 500 episodes that focus on just about everything you can imagine, Cody Rich has truly created a great resource for hunters. From spring bear hunting to bighorn sheep in Montana, Rich takes on a range of topics and often interviews some of hunting’s top experts.

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