Video: KUIU – 10th Anniversary: A Decade of Relentless Innovation

KUIU has just released a new video highlighting their 10 years of innovation. Incredible what this company has done in 10 years.

From KUIU:

“At KUIU’s 2018 Mountain Academy event, KUIU’s late founder Jason Hairston was asked where he saw KUIU going. And now, as we celebrate our 10th Anniversary, his words are more prescient and relevant than ever: ‘If we can reduce weight and we can increase performance using design, materials, and technologies, we’re going to do it. We’re going to test it. And if it works, we’re going to sell it to our customers.’

KUIU’s relentless pursuit of innovation is the core element of our DNA, and we’ll keep chasing the best, lightest, and most advanced design and technology in the industry. Our next ten years will reflect the same values as our first: bringing amazing hunting products to life that couldn’t exist without our consumer-direct business model.”

To check out more from KUIU, please click here.

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