Video: Hunting Elk and Deer in Montana (Ep. 3)

In part 3 of a Montana with Randy Newberg, the team looks for a good whitetail in the high country.

From Randy Newberg:

“In this series, Randy is trying to fill his deer and elk tags in Montana. Having a full schedule all over the west, he is only able to sneak away for a day or two at a time. He still hold a deer tag and elk tag for the season and hopes to fill them before time runs out.

In episode 1, he is on the search for a mountain whitetail buck in an area he has done so before. He heads out bright and early to the trailhead along with cameraman Dale. They hike up to a familiar glassing knob to sit for the day, watching the drainages below that the whitetail frequent.

Randy is able to glass up plenty of deer and even has a buck come well within range. But he continues to hold out for one that is a little more mature. As the day passes to evening, Randy locates a buck across the drainage with darkness approaching quickly.”

To check out more from Randy Newberg, please click here.

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