Video: A Nevada Pronghorn Hunt (Ep. 1)

Wide open mountainous landscapes and world-class hunting opportunities await hunters in Nevada in a video from Fresh Tracks.

From Fresh Tracks:

“Marcus continues his Nevada hunting season by switching gears from deer to antelope. Scott Jones happens to have the same tag so they convoy together to see if they can find a couple nice bucks to fill their tags on.

Scott lives in Nevada and is familiar with the area, so they head to a spot that he has seen pronghorn in before. Right away they glass up two bucks and decide to get closer to see if their suspicions are correct about the maturity of those bucks.

Marcus isn’t holding out on good first day opportunities this hunt, so they make the most of the chance and sneak in for a shot. There are plenty of antelope around and hopefully they can get a couple in the freezer.”

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